List of Posters
Joint International Meeting of the American Math. Society and the Romanian Math. Society

Mihai Bărbosu*, Tiberiu Oproiu: On a Simplified Model for the ERTBP
Petre Birtea*, Dan Comănescu, Ioan Casu: Sufficient conditions for instability of equilibrium for circulatory and gyroscopic systems
Wladimir-Georges Boskoff: Geometries Induced by Logarithmic Oscillations as Examples of Gromov Hyperbolic Spaces
Omer Gok: On the center of locally convex C(K)-modules
Valeriu Guţu: Plane compacta as attractors of IFS's and Borsuk's conjecture
Anca Marcoci: A study of equivalent norms on Lorentz sequence spaces
Liviu Marcoci: Function spaces techniques in Banach spaces of infinite matrices
Marcelina Mocanu: An extension of Gehring's lemma to Orlicz spaces on metric measure spaces
Gabriela Olteanu: Semisimple group algebras: primitive idempotents and minimal non-abelian left group codes
Octav Olteanu: Approximation, Markov moment problem and Mazur-Orlicz theorem
Vasile Postolică: Isac's Cones at Various Topologies
Adrian Sandovici: On the tensor products of linear relations on Hilbert spaces