List of talks in special sessions
Joint International Meeting of the American Math. Society and the Romanian Math. Society

Takuro Abe: Roots of characteristic polynomials and intersection points of line arrangements
Ana Maria Acu*, Daniel Florin Sofonea: A probabilistic interpretation of Gruss and Ostrowski type inequalities
Ana Agore*, G. Militaru: Exact factorizations of Hopf algebras. Applications
Toma Albu: The latticial, categorical, and relative counterparts of the Osofsky - Smith Theorem
Sorin Alexe*, Diana-Olimpia Alexandrescu: Robotic Ensembles in Polyhedral Computing
Florin Ambro: An injectivity theorem
Călin Ambrozie*, A. Gheondea: An interpolation problem for completely positive maps
Dorin Andrica*, Cornel Pintea: The circular Morse-Smale characteristic of a manifold
Nicolás Andruskiewitsch*, Giovanna Carnovale, Gastón Andrés García: Pointed Hopf algebras with finite simple group of Lie type
Enrique Artal Bartolo*, Jose I. Cogolludo-Agustin: Combinatorics and essential coordinate components of characteristic varieties of line arrangements
Cyrus Aryana: Self-Adjoint Toeplitz Operators Associated with Representing Measures on Multiply Connected Planar Regions and Their Eigenvalues
Dragu Atanasiu: A short proof of a de Finetti-type theorem
Eric Babson*, Alexandru Suciu: A Resonance Stratification for the Grassmannian
Mihai-Gabriel Babuţia*, Adina Luminiţa Sasu, Bogdan Sasu: Nonuniform exponential dichotomy on the half-line through (C_b,L^p) admissibility
Lori Badea: Two-level methods for variational and quasi-variational inequalities of the second kind
Jospeh Ball: Test functions, Schur-Agler classes and transfer-function realizations for the matrix-valued setting
Cristina Ballantine: Expanders from groups
Viorel Barbu: Self-organized criticality: models and mathematical results
Michael Bateman*, Christoph Thiele: Hilbert transforms along vector fields
Constantin Băcuţă*, Jiguang Sun: Domain Decomposition Approaches for Stokes Problems
Lucian Bădescu*, Mauro C. Beltrametti: Seshadri positive submanifolds of polarized manifolds
Sorina Bârză: Sharp estimates for the second variations of periodic functions
Margaret Beattie*, G.A.Garcia: Hopf algebras of dimension 8p
Edwin Beggs*, S. Paul Smith: Noncommutative complex differential geometry
Paolo Bellingeri*, V. Bardakov, J. Gonzales-Meneses: Groups of virtual and welded links
Esther Beneish: On the dual of the Procesi-Formanek lattice
Jonathan Bennett: Control of singular Fourier multipliers by maximal operators
Arpad Benyi*, Kabe Moen, Rodolfo H. Torres: The compactness property of bilinear commutators
Hari Bercovici: Invariant subspaces and intersection theory
Cristian Bereanu: Variational methods for the relativistic pendulum
Frederic Bernicot*, L. Grafakos, L. Song and L.X. Yan: On bilinear Bochner-Riesz multipliers
Lucian Beznea*, Oana Lupascu: Measure-valued discrete branching processes
Alexandru Mihai Bica: On the optimal properties for splines
Marian Bocea: The Robin eigenvalue problem for the p(x)-Laplacian as p→∞
Lorena Bociu*, Jean-Paul Zolesio: Strong Shape Derivative for the Wave Equation with Neumann Boundary Data
Nicolae Ciprian Bonciocat: Eisenstein-Schönemann-Dumas type irreducibility conditions that use arbitrarily many prime numbers
Ciprian Borcea*, Ileana Streinu: Deforming diamond
Charles Bordenave*, Pietro Caputo: Large deviations of Wigner matrices without Gaussian tail
Amiram Braun: Factoriality of the Zassenhaus variety or how lucky can one be
Simion Breaz: A global Baer-Kaplansky type theorem
Vasile Brînzănescu*, Andrei D. Halanay, Guenther Trautmann: Vector bundles on non-Kaehler elliptic principal bundles
Daniel Bulacu*, Stefaan Caenepeel: Monoidal ring and coring structures obtained from wreaths and cowreaths
Sebastian Burciu*, S. Natale: Fusion rules of equivariantizations of fusion categories
Filippo Callegaro*, Fred Cohen, Mario Salvetti: Braid cohomology, principal congruence subgroups and geometric representations
Stefaan Caenepeel*, Bojana Femic: Pseudomonoids and 3-cocycles
Adrian Carabineanu: The study of the flow of an electrically conducting fluid past a thin airfoil
Mihai Caragiu: Uniform distribution for a class of k-paradoxical oriented graphs
Anthony Carbery*, S.I. Valdimarsson: Endpoint multilinear Kakeya via Borsuk--Ulam
Viorel Catană: Essential spectra and semigroups of generalized SG-hypoelliptic-pseudo-differential operators on Lp(Rn)
Marcelo Cavalcanti: Uniform decay rate estimates for Schrödinger and Plate equations with nonlinear locally distributed damping
Valeria Domingos Cavalcanti: Global well-posedness and exponential decay rates for a KdV-Burgers equation with indefinite damping
Cristian-Mihai Cazacu: Qualitative aspects of Hardy-type inequalities
Aurelian Cernea: On the solutions for a class of nonlinear differential inclusion
Matthew Chasse*, Petter Brändén: Linear Strip Preservers
Bernard Chevreau*, Isabelle Chalendar: New and old factorizations in certain preduals
Ionuţ Chifan*, Thomas Sinclair, Bogdan Udrea: Structural results for II_1 factors associated with actions of negatively curved groups
William Chin*, Daniel Simson: Coxeter transformation and inverses of Cartan matrices for coalgebras
Ivan Chipchakov: An infinity criterion for the Brauer p-dimensions of finitely-generated field extensions
Teodora Chirilă: A subclass of biholomorphic mappings generated by g-Loewner chains
Alexandru Chirvăsitu: Meet semilattices from sheaves on von Neumann algebras
Alexandru Chirvăsitu: Families of simple compact quantum groups
Mihai Chis*, Codruta Chis: On some special classes of automorphisms in certain 2-groups
Suyoung Choi*, Hanchul Park: Wedge operations and torus symmetries
Sebastian Cioabă: Linear Algebraic Methods in Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science
Adina Ciomaga*, P.E. Souganidis, H.V. Tran: Stochastic homogenization of interfaces moving by oscillatory normal velocity
Adina Ciomaga*, Pascal Monasse, Jean-Michel Morel: Accurate Curvature Computation in Digital Images
Florica Cirstea: Recent progress on isolated singularities for nonlinear elliptic equations
Dan Ciubotaru*, Xuhua He: The cocenter of a graded affine Hecke algebra and the density theorem
Mihai Ciucu*, Ilse Fischer: A triangular gap of side 2 in a sea of dimers in a 60 degree angle
Catalin Ciupercă: Integral closure of ideals in first general grade reductions
Sanda Cleja-Tigoiu: Microstructure-based models for crystalline elasto-plastic materials
Cristian Cobeli*, Florin Guga, Alexandru Zaharescu: Discrete features of circles and encircling
Jose I. Cogolludo-Agustin*, E. Artal-Bartolo, A. Libgober: Alexander Polynomials and number theory over fields of functions
Miriam Cohen*, Sara Westreich: Are we counting or measuring anything?
Pierluigi Colli: Evolution of membranes via a phase field approach to the Willmore flow with volume and area constraints
Alexandru Constantinescu*, Thomas Kahle, Matteo Varbaro: Generic and special constructions of pure O-sequences
Constantin Corduneanu: Searching functional exponents for generalized Fourier Series
Alessio Corti*, Coates, Galkin, Golyshev, Kasprzyk: Mirror Symmetry and Fano classification
Constantin Costara: De Branges-Rovnyak spaces and Dirichlet spaces
Nicuşor Costea: Multiplicity of critical points for non-smooth parametrized functionals
Gloria Cerasela Crişan*, Elena Nechita: An efficient model to handle a dynamic TSP with chaotic behavior
Septimiu Crivei: Finitely accessible categories versus module categories
Ana-Maria Croicu: Control of the Model for HIV Infection of CD4+T Cells
Juan Cuadra: Extensions of Hopf algebras with nonzero integral
Joachim Cuntz*, Siegfried Echterhoff, Xin Li: Semigroups from algebraic number theory and operator algebras
Daniel Daners: Non-positivity of the semigroup generated by the Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator
Tamas Darvas: Geodesics in the Space of Kahler Metrics
Sorin Dăscălescu*, Constantin Nastasescu, Laura Nastasescu: Frobenius algebras of corepresentations: gradings
Mădălina Deaconu*, Samuel Herrmann: Hitting times of Bessel processes
Valentin Deaconu: Group actions on graphs and Doplicher-Roberts algebras
Emanuele Delucchi*, Giacomo d'Antonio: Minimality of toric arrangements
Ciprian Demeter: Progress on the discrete restriction problem
Graham Denham*, Mehdi Garrousian, Stefan Tohăneanu: Modularity and the reciprocal plane
Francesco Di Plinio*, Ciprian Demeter: Fourier series near L^1 and Bilinear Hilbert transform near L^1 x L^2
Andrei Drăgănescu*, Ana Maria Soane: Multigrid Preconditioners for Optimal Control Problems in Fluid Flow
Vesselin Drensky*, Sehmus Findik: Classical invariant theory for free metabelian Lie algebras
Michael Dritschel: Dilations and Constrained Algebras
Tiberiu Dumitrescu*, Cristodor Ionescu: Some examples of two-dimensional regular rings
Ken Dykema: A "super-diagonal form" decomposition theorem in II_1 factors
Ken Dykema*, Claus Koestler, John Williams: Quantum symmetric states on universal free product C*-algebras
Siegfried Echterhoff*, Joachim Cuntz, Xin Li: K-theory for crossed products by group actions on totally
Cristian Enache: On some convexity results for mean curvature type equations
Horia Ene*, Claudia Timofte: Microstructure models for composites with imperfect interface via the periodic unfolding method
Viviana Ene: Binomial ideals and graphs
M. Burak Erdogan*, Nikos Tzirakis: Smoothing for dispersive PDE's and applications
Alberto Facchini: Semilocal categories, local functors and applications
Daniele Faenzi: Torelli problem for arrangements of divisors
Michael Falk*, Thomas Brady, Colum Watt: A combinatorial model for the Milnor fiber of the discriminant
Gavril Farkas*, Alessandro Chiodo: Singularities of moduli spaces of level curves
Paul Feehan: A classical Perron method for existence of smooth solutions to boundary value and obstacle problems for degenerate differential operators via holomorphic maps
Miguel Ferrero: Twisted partial actions of groups on semiprime rings and Goldie rings
Mikil Foss*, Petronela Radu: Differentiability for Solutions of Linear Integral Equations with Weakly Singular Kernels
Mihai Fulger*, Brian Lehmann: Positivity properties of numerical cycles on projective varieties
Louis Funar: Finite quotients of symplectic groups and mapping class groups
Anda Gadidov*, Marcus Carl Spruill: Drift and the Risk Free Rate
Giovanni Gaiffi: Real models of arrangements and polytopes
Ciprian Gal: Nonlocal Cahn-Hilliard equations
Ciprian Gal*, C. Cao: Global solutions for the 2D NS-CH model for a two-phase flow of viscous, incompressible fluids with mixed partial viscosity and mobility
Alberto Gandolfi*, A, Bertuzzi, A. Fasano, C. Sinisgalli: Modelling a tumour avascular spheroid as a two-fluid Bingham-like system
Pastorel Gaşpar*, Dumitru Gaspar: Multivariate random fields and Hilbert B(X)-modules
Dan-Andrei Geba, Kenji Nakanishi, Xiang Zhang: Global regularity for a 2+1-dimensional Skyrme model
Pamela Gorkin: Composition and Blaschke products
Alexander Gorokhovsky*, Henri Moscovici: Higher analytic indices and symbolic index pairing
Rostislav Grigorchuk: Schreier Dynamical Systems, totally nonfree actions, and self-similar C* algebras
Andreea Grigoriu*, H. Rabitz, G. Turinici: Direct and indirect control of open quantum systems
Vincent Guedj: Regularizing properties of the twisted Kähler-Ricci flow
Daniele Guido*, F. Cipriani, T. Isola, J-L. Sauvageot: Spectral triples for the Sierpinski Gasket
Andrei Halanay: Periodic solutions for systems of delay differential equations modeling leukemia under treatment
Zaher Hani*, Erwan Faou, Pierre Germain: A large box limit for the cubic nonlinear Schrodinger equation
Sebastian Herr*, Daniel Tătăru, Nikolay Tzvetkov: Energy-critical Schroedinger equations on manifolds
Ismael Herrera: Non-overlapping Discretization Methods: A Means of Achieving 100% Parallelization
Eriko Hironaka: Geometric Fox Calculus
June Huh: A Lefschetz hyperplane theorem with an assigned base point
Tuomas Hytonen: Sharp weighted bounds: towards rough operators
Alina Iacob: Gorenstein injective envelopes
Bogdan Ichim: How to compute the multigraded Hilbert depth of a module
Mihaela Ifrim*, John Hunter, Daniel Tătăru: Two dimensional water waves in holomorphic coordinates
Liviu Ignat*, Tatiana Ignat, Denisa Stancu-Dumitru: Long-time behaviour for a nonlocal convection-diffusion equation
Radu Ignat*, Lukas Doering, Felix Otto: The cross-over from symmetric to asymmetric transition layers in a nonlocal and nonconvex variational model
Stelian Ion: Shallow water equations with arbitrary topography and mass fluxes
Delia Ionescu-Kruse: Variational derivation of the Green-Naghdi model for shallow-water wave propagation
Ioan Ionescu: Augmented Lagrangian for shallow viscoplastic flow with topography
Valentin Ionescu: Operator algebra models and positivity results for amalgamated conditionally monotone products of some operator-valued bimodule maps
Andrei Iordan*, Paolo de Bartolomeis: Deformations of Levi flat structures
Florin Isaia: Superposition operators between higher-order Sobolev spaces: well-definedness, continuity and a multivariate Faa di Bruno formula
Elham Izadi: The primitive cohomology of theta divisors
Ivan Izmestiev: Classification of flexible Kokotsakis polyhedra
Petru Jebelean: Dirichlet problems with mean curvature operator in Minkowski
Marius Junge: Riesz transforms in operator algebras and harmonic analysis
Yevgenia Kashina: Semisimple Hopf algebras of dimension 32
Nicholas Katzourakis: Vector-valued L-infinity variational problems and their PDE systems
Yasuyuki Kawahigashi: Trivial Representation in Conformal Field Theory and Operator Algebras
Eduard Kirr: Global Bifurcations in Wave Equations
Thomas Koberda*, Sang-hyun Kim: Curve complex theory for right-angled Artin groups
Toshitake Kohno: Quantum symmetry in homological representations of braid groups and applications
Gabriela Kohr*, Ian Graham, Hidetaka Hamada, Mirela Kohr: Extremal properties associated with Loewner chains and the Loewner differential equation on the unit ball in Cn
Motoko Kotani*, A. Hirata L. J. Kang1, T. Fujita, B. Klumov, K. Matsue, A. R. Yavari, M. W. Chen: Mathematical challenge to a new phase of materials science based on discrete geometric analysis
Sándor Kovács: Steenbrink vanishing extended
Vjekoslav Kovac*, Christoph Thiele: A T(1)-type theorem for entangled multilinear Calderon-Zygmund operators
Tadeusz Kulczycki: Gradient estimates of harmonic functions for Levy processes
Andrew Kustin*, Sabine El Khoury: Artinian Gorenstein algebras with linear resolutions
Cătălin-George Lefter: Feedback stabilization for fluid dynamics equations
Ludovic Dan Lemle: On the L-Uniqueness of Diffusion Operators on Riemannian Manifolds
Andrei Lerner: A sharp aperture-weighted estimate for square functions
Victor Lie: Pointwise convergence of the Fourier Series near L1
Esperanza López-Centella*, Gabriella Bóhm and José Gómez-Torrecillas: On the category of weak bialgebras
Oana Lupaşcu*, Ioan R. Ionescu: Mathematical modeling of the dense avalanche onset
Gennady Lyubeznik: Associated primes of local cohomology modules: a survey
George Marinescu: The lower order terms of the holomorphic Morse inequalities
Gabriela Marinoschi: Existence for nonlinear diffusion equations via a variational principle
Florian Maris*, Yuliya Gorb, Bogdan Vernescu: Homogenization for Rigid Suspensions with Random Velocity-Dependent Interfacial Forces
Daniel Matei*, Enrique Artal Bartolo, Jose I. Cogolludo-Agustin: Graphs, groups, homology
Heinrich Matzinger*, Raphael Hauser, Ionel Popescu, Saba Amsalu: Asymptotics of Longest Common Subsequences of Random Strings and Convex Geometry
Daniel Maxin: Sexually transmitted pathogens with reducing or enhancing effects on reproduction
Anca Măcinic*, Daniel Matei, Stefan Papadima: On the second nilpotent quotient of higher homotopy groups for hypersolvable arrangements.
Edouard Maurel-Segala*, Mylene Ma da: Free analogue of some classical inequalities between Wasserstein distance and entropy
Vadim E. Levit, Eugen Mândrescu*: A new family of palindromic independence polynomials
James McKernan: ACC and termination
Mircea Merca: A special case of restricted integer partitions
Ion Mihai: On a geometric inequality for submanifolds in Kähler manifolds
Mihai Mihăilescu: PDEs involving a variable exponent Grushin-type operator
Gigel Militaru: The extension problem for Hopf algebras
Ante Mimica: On Green function of subordinate Brownian motions
James A Mingo*, Mihai Popa, Emily Redelmeier: Asymptotic Freeness of Orthogonally and Unitarily Invariant Ensembles
Oana Mocioalca*, Omar De la Cruz, Lu Chen: Analysis of Diffusion Models with Dirichlet marginal distribution
Kabe Moen: New weighted estimates for bilinear fractional integrals
David Mond*, F. J. Calderon-Moreno, F.J. Castro-Jimenez, L. Narvaez-Macarro, J.M. Ucha-Enriquez: Quasi-free structures on divisors
Alexandru Morega*, Mihaela Morega: Bioimpedance cardiometry - mathematical and numerical modelling
Umberto Mosco: A ode approximation of the Laplace operator in a square
Umberto Mosco: Wave operators for elliptic operators with fractal singularities
Ionut Munteanu:Boundary stabilization of the phase field system by finite-dimensional feedback controllers
Jason Murphy: Scattering for inter-critical NLS
Magdalena Muşat*, Uffe Haagerup: Factorizable completely positive maps and the Connes embedding problem
Constantin Năstăsescu*, Septimiu Crivei, Laura Năstăsescu: Generalization of Mitchell's Lemma. Applications
Elena Nechita*, Gloria Cerasela Crisan: On the behavior of the candidate solutions of a genetic algorithm. Case study
Irina Nenciu: On confinement and stochastic particles
Irina Nenciu: On long-time asymptotics for certain perturbations of the Toda lattice
Sergey Neshveyev: Cocycle deformations of operator algebras
Ryszard Nest: Local index and torsion of n-tuples of commuting operators
Victor Nistor*, Constantin Băcută, Ludmil Zikatanov: Optimal convergence rates for the Finite Element Method on three dimensional polyhedra
Victor Nistor*, Wen Cheng, Anna Mazzucato: Short time asymptotics of Green functions and option pricing
Diogo Oliveira e Silva*, Michael Christ: On trilinear oscillatory integrals
Anda Olteanu: The Buchberger Resolution
Daniel Onofrei*, Richard Albanese: Near field versos far field active cloaking
Andrei-George Oprina*, Lucian Beznea: Bounded and Lp-weak solutions for the nonlinear equation of a branching type process
Adina Oprisan*, Andrzej Korzeniowski: Stochastic additive functionals with applications
Eyvindur Palsson*, Michael Gage, Allan Greenleaf, Alex Iosevich, Jonathan Pakianathan: Intersections of smooth and fractal sets
Javier Parcet*, Keith M. Rogers: Twisted Hilbert transforms vs Kakeya sets of directions
Rita Pardini*, Margarida Mendes Lopes, Gian Pietro Pirola: Paracanonical systems of varieties of maximal Albanese dimension
Jae Keol Park*, S. Tariq Rizvi: On Baer Modules
Nicolae Pascu: Convex approximations of analytic functions
Liviu Păunescu: A convex structure on sofic embeddings
Liviu Păunescu: Linear sofic groups and algebras
Pablo Pedregal: Moment problems: a framework for relaxation
Carlos Perez: Rubio de Francia's extrapolation meets Yano's extrapolation: sharp exponents without examples in weighted estimates
Mayte Perez-Llanos: Optimal power for an elliptic equation related to some Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg inequalities
Mădălina Petcu: Exponential decay of the power spectrum and finite dimensionality for solutions of the three dimensional primitive equations
Traian Pirvu: CRRA Utility Maximization under Dynamic Risk Constraint
Julia Yael Plavnik*, Sonia Natale: On the structure of fusion categories with few irreducible degrees
Oana Pocovnicu*, Rowan Killip, Tadahiro Oh, Monica Visan: Scattering for a cubic-quintic nonlinear Schrodinger equation on R^3
Camelia Pop*, Paul Feehan: Degenerate PDEs, martingale and mimicking problems
Ioan-Lucian Popa*, Mihail Megan: Exponential Splitting for Nonautonomous Linear Discrete-Time Systems in Banach Spaces
Nicolae Popa: Some special classes of infinite matrices
Gelu Popescu: Characteristic functions and operator models on noncommutative polydomains
Ionel Popescu*, Mihai N. Pascu: Shy and fixed distance couplings on Riemanian manifolds
Mihai Putinar: Sendov's conjecture and small perturbations of matrices
Herve Queffelec*, P.Lefevre, D.Li, L.Rodriguez-Piazza: Approximation numbers of composition operators on the Dirichlet space
David Radford: A Hopf algebra freeness result revisited
Petronela Radu*, Barbara Kaltenbacher: Wellposedness for the Westervelt equation with nonlinear damping
Remus Radu*, Raluca Tanase: Semi-parabolic Hénon maps
Claudiu Raicu*, Jerzy Weyman, Emily Witt: Local cohomology with support in ideals of maximal minors and sub-maximal Pfaffians
Raj Rao: Random matrices and Light Propagation through Opaque Materials
Anca Rădulescu: Neural network function -- density, geometry and dynamics
Michael Renardy: Stability issues in viscoelastic flows
Manuel Reyes*, Daniel Rogalski, James J. Zhang: Skew Calabi-Yau algebras and homological identities
S. Tariq Rizvi*, Gangyong Lee, Cosmin Roman: On a module theoretic analogue of a left Rickart ring
Elisabetta Rocca*, Riccarda Rossi: Solutions to a full model for thermoviscoelastic materials
Keith Rogers: Directional maximal operators and lacunarity in higher dimensions
Mikael Rordam*, Eberhard Kirchberg: Central sequence C*-algebras and absorption of the Jiang-Su algebra
Julio Daniel Rossi: An optimal matching problem for the euclidean distance
Jaydeb Sarkar: Doubly commuting quotient modules
Grigore Ştefan Sălăgean: New properties of certain general integral operators on analytic functions
Lucian Sârb: Some considerations regarding the implications of fuzzy logic in the qualitative mathematical modeling of some aspects surrounded by uncertainty and ambiguity within managerial decisional process
Hans-Juergen Schneider: Some remarks on braided pointed Hopf algebras
Tobias Schottdorf: Small data global well-posedness and consequences of convolution inequalities
Alexandra Seceleanu: Stillman's question on bounding projective dimension
Laurentiu Sega: A SIR epidemic model structured by immunological variables
Liana Sega: Poincare series of modules over compressed Gorenstein local rings
Kenichi Shimizu: Some properties of the indicators of Hopf algebras
Emil Simion: Improvements of NIST Statistical Test Suite
Olivian Simionescu-Panait: Propagation of IPW in Monoclinic Crystals Subject to Initial Fields
Anurag Singh: Local cohomology of polynomial rings over the integers
Bartlomiej Siudeja*, Krzysztof Bogdan, Andrzej Stos: Martin kernels for cones
Loredana Smaranda: On numerical discretization for the motion of a self-propelled deformable structure in a viscous incompressible fluid
Daniel Smith: A Classification of Differential Invariants for Multivariate Cryptosystems
Paul Smith: Local wellposedness of Chern-Simons-Schroedinger
Agata Smoktunowicz: Some results on finitely presented algebras
Alicja Smoktunowicz: The Moore-Penrose inverse - theory and computational aspects
Yorck Sommerhäuser: Involutory Quasi-Hopf Algebras and Ribbon Quasi-Hopf Algebras
Christof Sparber*, Paolo Antonelli, Remi Carles: On nonlinear Schrödinger type equations with nonlinear damping
Sandra Spiroff*, Sean Sather-Wagstaff: Torsion in kernels of induced maps on divisor class groups
Hellmuth Stachel: Kokotsakis meshes and flexible quad meshes
John Stalker: Estimates for nonlocal analogues of the wave equation
Dumitru Stamate: On the CI property of the tangent cone of a toric ring
Aurel Stan: Some inequalities about the norms of generalized Gaussian Wick Products
Denisa Stancu-Dumitru: Anisotropic Variable Exponent PDEs
Ruxandra Stavre*, Grigory Panasenko: Asymptotic analysis of a fluid-thin structure interaction problem
Ileana Streinu: Metric trees and Lang's Origami Universal Molecules
Ileana Streinu: Sparsity and pebble games in combinatorial rigidity
Calin Serban: Numerical extremal radial solutions for Dirichlet problems with mean curvature operator in Minkowski space
Dragos Stefan: On Koszul rings and corings
Shin-ichi Tanigawa: Gain-sparsity and the rigidity of symmetric frameworks in the plane
Raluca Tănase: Henon maps and discrete groups
Daniel Tătaru*, Joachim Krieger, Jacob Sterbenz: Energy critical Maxwell-Klein-Gordon and Yang-Mills flows
Christoph Thiele*, Yen Do: Lp theory for outer measures and applications
Mihai Tibăr: Bifurcation values and regularity at infinity of polynomial maps
Vlad Timofte*, Aida Timofte: Generalized Dini theorems for nets of functions on arbitrary sets
Mihai Tohăneanu*, H. Lindblad, J. Metcalfe, C. Sogge, C. Wang: The Strauss conjecture on black holes
Hiroo Tokunaga: Elliptic surfaces and Zariski pairs for conic-line arrangements
Cristina Tone: Kernel density estimators for random fields satisfying an interlaced mixing condition
Daniel Toundykov*, Matthias Eller: Carleman estimates and stabilization of hyperbolic systems in absence of geometric observability conditions
Gerald Trutnau*, Jiyong Shin: About the stochastic regularity of distorted Brownian motions
Gerald Trutnau*, Youssef Ouknine, Francesco Russo: On countably skewed Brownian motion with accumulation point
Ciprian Tudor: Stein method, Malliavin calculus and applications
Kevin Tucker*, Karl Schwede: A Global Division Theorem for Test Ideals in Positive Characteristic
Kevin Tucker: F-Splitting Invariants of Monoid Algebras
Yoshimichi Ueda: Orbital free entropy
Alain Valette: Haagerup property, weak amenability, and semi-direct products
Alain Valette*, Pierre-Nicolas Jolissaint: Spectral bound for the Lp-distortion of finite graphs
Jean Valles: Generalised logarithmic bundles
Eugen Varvaruca*, Georg Weiss: Singularities of axisymmetric free surface flows with gravity
Florian-Horia Vasilescu*, Adrian Sandovici: Normal Extensions of Subnormal Linear Relations via Quaternionic Cayley Transforms
Sergiu Văcaru: Solitonic Hierarchies for Almost Kaehler Ricci Flows and Off--Diagonal Solutions in Gravity
Sergiu Văcaru: Spectral Functionals for Noncommutative Almost Kaehler Ricci Flows and Lorentzian Star Products
Oana Veliche: Local rings of embedding codepth 3
Joost Vercruysse: Partial Representations and Partial Actions of Hopf Algebras
Vlad Vicol: Moser iteration for SPDE and applications to stochastic fluids
Vlad Cristian Vicol: Holder continuity for a drift-diffusion equation with pressure
Balint Virag*, Charles Bordenave, Arnab Sen: The sound of random graphs
Şerban Vlad: On the periodicity of the asynchronous flows
Zoran Vondracek*, P.Kim, R.Song: Martin boundary for subordinate Brownian motion
Ioan Vrabie: Evolution delay equations with nonlocal initial conditions
Adela Vraciu: Relation degrees in positive characteristic
Max Wakefield*, Will Traves: Enumerative geometry of hyperplane arrangements
Botong Wang*, Nero Budur: Cohomology jump loci of quasi-projective varieties
Botong Wang*, Nero Budur: Cohomology jump loci of local systems
Sara Westreich*, Miriam Cohen: Recovering information from the character tables of Hopf algebras - generalizing results for finite groups
Brett Wick: Composition of Haar Paraproducts
Roger Wiegand*, Olgur Celikbas, Srikanth Iyengar, Greg Piepmeyer: Torsion in tensor products of modules over local domains
Sylvia Wiegand*, Ela Celikbas, Christina Eubanks-Turner: Prime ideals in quotients of mixed power series-polynomial rings
Jaroslaw Wlodarczyk*, E. Bierstone, D. Grigoriev, P. Milman: Constructive Hironaka desingularization in large characteristic
Jim Wright: Affine invariant harmonic analysis
Christopher Young*, Lars Kadison, Alberto Hernandez: Hopf subalgebras of finite depth
Yinhuo Zhang*, Gongxiang Liu, Fred Van Oystaeyen: Quasi-Frobenius-Lusztig kernels for simple Lie algebras
Enrique Zuazua: Optimal placement of sensors, actuators and dampers for waves