Tenth Bucharest Number Theory Days
August 3-5, 2022

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From the Otopeni airport, one can take a taxi, or the bus 783 to the city center. The bus takes about 45 minutes to Piata Victoriei and Piata Romana, the stations closest to the institute and hotels (see the map below). There is one departure every 15-30 minutes from the airport. Tickets can be bought from the kiosk in the bus station, and the price is approx 2 euros for a roundtrip ticket.

Local map

Here is a map marked with the institute and hotel locations, and with the 783 airport bus stations. Everything in the city center is within walking distance: for example, Hotel Berthelot is a short 10 min. walk from the 783 bus station in Piata Romana.


For lunch we will go to J'ai bistrot, which has a pleasant outside terrace. There are many nice places to eat around the institute and hotel Berthelot. Here are some suggestionss: