No 1.    H. Bercovici, D. Voiculescu: Tensor operations on characteristic functions of Co contractions

No 2.    C. Varsan: Optimal bang-bang feedback control for linear stochastic systems

No 3.    N. Popa: Sur les applications du type ≤ p et ≥p

No 4.    H. I. Ene, E. Ungureanu-David: On the electrohydrodynamic equations of the permeable media

No 5.    Gr. Arsene, S. Stratila: A bibliography on operator algebras and related topics

No 6.    H. Moscovici, A. Verona: Cocycle representations od solvable Lie groups

No 7.    D. Burghelea, R. Lashof: The homotopy structure of the groups of automorphisms in stable ranges and new homotopy functors

No 8.    S. Teleman: On the irreducible desintegration of the representations of C*-algebras

No 9.    M. Pimsner, S. Popa: On the Ext-group of an AF-algebra

No 10.    I. Cioranescu: Abstract Beurling spaces of class (Mp ) and ultradistribution semi-groups

No 11.    F-H. Vasilescu: A uniqueness result in operator theory

No 12.    C. Banica, V. Brinzanescu: Hilbert-Samuel polynomials of a proper morphism

No 13.    M. Pimsner, S. Popa: The Ext-groups of some C*-algebras considered by J. Cuntz

No 14.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur, A. Cornea: Hilbertian and lattice theoretical methods in potential theory

No 15.    C. Peligrad: On transitive and reductive algebras notes

No 17.    I. Cioranescu, L. Zsido: La theorie des ω ultradistributions

No 18.    R. Iordanescu, I. Popovici: Some basic properties of rotation and Lorentz groups

No 19.    C. Varsan: Degenerate stochastic control systems optimal feedback laws

No 20.    S. Teleman: On the Choquet and Bishop-De Leeuw theorems

No 21.    L. Zsido: On the equality of two weights

No 22.    F.H. Vasilescu: A Martinelli type formula for the analytic functional calculus

No 24.    Gr. Arsene, S. Stratila: A bibliography on operator algebras and related topics

No 25.    H. I. Ene: Sur les équations du mouvement dans les milieux poreux déformables

No 26.    N. Popa: Some ideals of operators on ℓp;

No 27.    I. Suciu, I. Valusescu: Fatou and Szegö theorems for operator valued functions

No 28.    Z. Ceausescu, C. Foias: On intertwinning dilations V

No 29.    M. Pimsner, S. Popa, D. Voiculescu: Homogeneous C*-extensions of C(X)⊗K(H). Part I

No 30.    I. Suciu, I. Valusescu: Linear predictor for stationary processes in complete correlated actions

No 31.    Z. Ceausescu, C. Foias: On intertwinning dilations VI

No 32.    C. Niculescu: Absolute continuity in Banach space theory

No 33.    S. Stratila, D. Voiculescu: A survey on representations of the unitary group U (∞)

No 34.    V. St. Udrescu: A stronger Bertrand's postulate

No 35.    A. Georgescu: Variational formulation of some non-self adjoint problems occuring in Benard instability theory I