Name: Radu-Nicolae Gologan

Position: Senior Reseach Scientist, Professor University "Politehnica" Bucharest.

Date of birth: June 7, 1952
Place of birth: Brasov, Romania

Marital status: Married, one daughter (born 1977)

Phone:  Mobile: +40722729035
             Office:   +40-23196511


1976-1982             Institute of Mathematical Statistics of the Romanian Academy
                                 Adviser: Dr. Marius Iosifescu
                                 Ph.D in Mathematics, May 1981

1975-1976            Postgraduate Studies, University of Bucharest, Certificate of Specialization
                                 in Mathematical Analysis

1971-1975            University of Bucharest, Honours Diploma (MS) in Mathematics, June 1975

Languages:  English, French (DALF 1995), German, Russian (reading only), Romanian

Short term visiting positions:

2007                        Visting Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Fall)

1997                        Associate Visiting Professor, University of Iowa (Fall)
1993                        Visiting Scholar, Indiana University, Bloomington (Spring Semester)
1992                        Associate Visiting Professor, University of Iowa (Fall Semester)
1981, 1985              Steklov Institute, Sankt Petersburg, Russia (two one-month research stages)
1981                        I.H.E.S  France, Visiting Scholar (two months)
1980                        Moscow University (one month reseach stage)


1990-                     Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy
2001-                      Professor, University "Politehnica"  Bucharest
1986-1990             Research Scientist, Institute for Agricultural Machines, Bucharest
1979-1986             Research Scientist, Department of Mathematics of INCREST, Bucharest and
                               Associate Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Bucharest
1976-1979             Teacher in Mathematics, 18th High School, Bucharest

Areas of Research Interest:

Ergodic Theory: Pointwise ergodic theorems for contractions in L_1 spaces, entropy of dynamical
systems, Markow partitions; statistical mechanics  (analytical number theory methods);
Operator Theory: Invariant subspaces, Macaev norms, Brown techniques;
Operator Algebras: Non-commutative probability theory (free random variables);
Problem solving, combinatorics.

Other Professional Activities:

Secretary of the Organizing Committee of the 40th International Mathematical Olympiad, Bucharest 1999;
Coach  Romanian Team for the International Mathematical Olympiad 1976-1979, 1996-1998, 2000-present;
Leader of the Romanian Team for the International Mathematical Olympiads 2002-2006;
Prezident of the Board of the National Mathematical Olympiad 2002-prezent;
Member of  AMS and the Society of  Romanian Mathematicians;
Member of the Board of the "THETA" Foundation (the editor of the Journal of Operator Theory);
Member of the Organizing Committee  of the International Conference in Operator Theory, 1980-1996;
Editor of the Proceedings of the International Conference in Operator Theory, Theta Foundation, 1998, 2000;
Editor: Bulletin Mathematique de la Societe de Sciences Mathematiques de Roumanie.

Participation in Scientific Meetings (with given talks):

International Conference on Operator Theory (Bucuresti and Timisoara: 1977-2000);
International Conference on Operator Algebras (Neptun 1980, Busteni 1982, Craiova 1989, Constanta 2001);
International Seminars on Functional Analysis (Czech Republic: 1980, 1981, 1983);
International Conference on Operator Ideals (Leipzig 1986, Gotha 1985);
Winter Conference on Abstract Analysis (Srni, Czech Republic, 1986);
International Symposium on Chaotic Dynamical Systems (Utrecht, 1990);
The Great Plains Operator Theory Conference (Iowa 1992, Boulder 1993).
French - Romanian Mathematical Conference, Perpignan, 2003

Colloquium Talks:

The Institute of Mathematics of the Czechoslovac Academy (Prague, 1982);
University of Bordeaux (1981, 1991);
Steklov Institute (1985);
Iowa University (Des Moines, 1997)
French-Romanian Seminar in Applied Mathematics, Perpignan, September 2002
Congress of Romanian Mathematicians, June 2007;
Fullerton University, Los Angeles, October 2007;
University of Maryland at Baltimore County, November 2007;
University of Illinois, November and December 2007


University of Bucharest:
Spectral Theory for Operators in Hilbert Spaces (upper-undergraduate level) 1980-1987
Ergodic Theory (graduate level), 1983-1986, 1994
Measure Theory (undergraduate level) 1982-1986, 1995-1996
Functional Analysis, 1986-1989.
University "Politehnica" Bucharest:
Calculus for Engineers, 1991-prezent

University of Iowa:
Vector Calculus for Engineers, 1992, 1997
Introductory Calculus, 1992.
Differential Equations, University of Illinois, Fall 2007

skiing, table-tennis (quite professional), guitar (tabs), history


Applications of Ergodic Theory, Editura Tehnica, Bucharest, 1989 (in Romanian);

Introduction in Mathematical Analysis,  Editura Matrix, Bucharest, first volume 1997, second volume 1999-2001 (in Romanian, with Andrei Halanay and Dan Timotin).

Mathematics (Algebra and Analysis), Textbooks for the XIth grade, with M. Becheanu, M. Baluna, B. Enescu, A. Vernescu, Curtea Veche, 2001

Romanian Mathematical Competitions (RMC), with M.Becheanu, M. Baluna, B. Enescu, D. Serbanescu, every year since 2002, Romanian Mathematical Society and Theta Foundation

Refered Mathematical Papers:

1. with H. Bercovici and Dan Timotin, Some Generalisations of Functions Defined in L(H),  Studii

Cercet. Mat.,  2, 1975, 131-156.

2. A Remark on Chacon's Ergodic Theorem, Rev. Roum. Math. Pures Appl., 21, 1976, 521-522.

3. A Remark on the Ergodic Theorem with Mixed Conditions, Rev. Roum. Math. Pures Appl., 22,

1977, 321-326.

4. with C. Foias, An ergodic formula appearing in a biological omology problem (in Romanian),

Studii Cercet. Mat., 5, 1977, 499-506.

5. On the ergodic theorem of Ornstein and Brunel for nonpositive operators, Rev. Roum. Math.

Pures Appl., 1979, 235-239.

6. An extension of the Chacon-Ornstein ergodic theorem, Invariant Subspaces and Other Topics,

Birkhauser Verlag, Basel, 1982, 456-459.

7. On Akcoglu's Ergodic Theorem, Stud. Cercet. Mat., 5, 1985,457-459.

8. Ergodic Theorems in sigma-lattice cones, Rend. Circ. Mat. Palermo, II, 14, 1987, 439-446

9. On the subaditive ergodic theorem, Stud. Cercet. Mat., 47, 1995, 405-408.

10. A perturbed ergodic theorm, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc.,128,5,1377-1380, 2000.

11. On the singular values of some integral operators I. The Voltera operator, Bull. Math. Soc. Sci. Math. Roum., 43(91), 1, 2000.

12. An elemetary proof of a theorem of Bernstein, Bull. Math. Soc. Sci. Math. Roum., 43(91), 2, 145-148, 2000.

13. Snooker and Farey numbers, Preprint IMAR, 15/2000.

14. with F. Boca and A. Zaharescu, Quantitative results for the trajectories of a billiard in a rectangle

15. On the convergence of some partial sums and a contest problem, GMA 19(68), 2001.

16. Irreducible polynomials and derivatives, Elemente der Mathematik, 56(2001), 170-172.

MR2028172 (2004m:37065) Boca, F. P.; Gologan, R. N.; Zaharescu, A. The average length of a trajectory in a certain billiard in a flat two-torus. New York J. Math. 9 (2003), 303--330

18. MR1949149 (2004c:11021) Boca, Florin P.; Zaharescu, Alexandru; Gologan, Radu N. On the index of Farey sequences. Q. J. Math. 53 (2002), no. 4, 377--391.

19. MR2004979 (2004f:37007) Boca, Florin P.; Gologan, Radu N.; Zaharescu, Alexandru The statistics of the trajectory of a certain billiard in a flat two-torus. Comm. Math. Phys. 240 (2003), no. 1-2, 53--73.

20. A formula for the metric entropy, Math. Reports, 2(52), 2000, 295-298.

MR2075397 (2005b:82074) Boca, Florin P.; Gologan, Radu N.; Zaharescu, Alexandru Sur le modèle du gaz de Lorentz périodique. (French) [On the periodic Lorentz gas model] An. Univ. Craiova Ser. Mat. Inform. 30 (2003), no. 1, 63--70.

22. with A. Gheondea: On a class of piecewise functiona, Bull. Math. Soc. Sci. Math. Roum, 44(92), 4(2001).

Other Mathematical Papers and papers in preparation:

Pointwise Ergodic Theorems (MS), University of Bucharest, 1975.

The isomorphism theorem for Bernoulli shifts, University of Bucharest, 1976.

The ergodic theory for Markov processes (PhD thesis) 1981.

Markov partitions for a class of endomorphisms which expand distances, Preprint INCREST 72,

Radius of interaction in a Z^2-lattice model, Preprint INCREST, 70, 1982.

Macaev norms and Toeplitz operators, preliminary version, Grant 3035/1997, MCT.

An elementary proof of the central limit theorem in free probability theory, in preparation.

On complex polynomials, in "Ten lectures in elementary mathematics", Romanian Mathematical
Society, 1998.

Elementary combinatorics and optimization, in preparation.
Two lemmas in real analysis that give results in geometri combinatorics (Written version of the talk given at the Congress of Romanian Mathematicians);
with F. Boca, The Lorentz gas in a honeycomb. I (On the distribution of the free path length of the Lorentz gas in a honeycomb. I), Preprint University of Illinois, 2207