Projet de Recherche

Almost fibrations.

Equipe:. Activité 2018:
During the visit to Cluj done by L. Funar (July 7-July 27, 2018) he participated to several activities within the Department of Mathematics of University of Cluj. First he was involved in the organization of the International Math Olympiad (July 7- July 14), as one of the coordinators of the Problem 5. Then he traveled to Bucharest, meet the topology group and gave a talk in the Topology Seminar at IMAR, Bucharest (July 17). The last days he returned to Cluj and had meetings with his collaborators there.

Mapping class group representations, Kähler groups and applications. IMAR Séminaire de Topologie, Mardi le 17 Juillet 2018 à 10h30 dans la salle 306-307.