PDEs and Stochastic Processes

The 5th Workshop Series on Mathematics

October 12-14, 2012, Piteşti, Romania

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The meeting is organized by the University of Pitesti and the Simion Stoilow Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy (IMAR)
on the ocasion "50 years of higher education in Piteşti"

Invited speakers

Viorel Barbu (Romanian Academy)
Lucian Beznea (IMAR)
Serban Costea (IMAR)
Davide Guidetti (University of Bologna)
Ioan R. Ionescu (University Paris 13 and IMAR)
Gabriela Marinoschi (Gheorghe Mihoc-Caius Iacob Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Applied Mathematics of the Romanian Academy)
Rosa Maria Mininni (University of Bari)
Michele Miranda Jr (University of Ferrara)
Mihai Pascu (University of Brasov)
Silvia Romanelli (University of Bari)
Mircea Sofonea (University of Perpignan)
Marius Tucsnak (University of Lorraine, Nancy)

Organizers: Lucian Beznea (Bucharest), Gabriela Marinoschi (Bucharest), Corneliu Udrea (Piteşti)

Local Organizing Committee: Corneliu Udrea, Laurenţiu Deaconu, Antonio Nuica (Piteşti)

Support from Arges County Council, SOFTWIN GROUP, and CNCS - UEFISCDI (project number PN- II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0045) is gratefully acknowledged.
E-mail address: PDEStoPrPitesti12@gmail.com

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