The Seventh Congress of Romanian Mathematicians

June 29 - July 5, 2011, Brasov, Romania

List of Talks

Alina Alb Lupas: A note on strong differential subordinations using Salagean operator and Ruscheweyh derivative
Toma Albu: From Galois and Kummer theory to a gentle introduction into co-Galois theory
Nicoleta Aldea: Projectively related complex Finsler metrics
Alexandru Aleman: A quantitative estimate for bounded point evaluations in P2(μ)-spaces
Calin Ambrozie: Remarks on certain moments problems
Anca Andrei: Quasiconformal mappings on certain classes of domains in metric spaces
Cabiria Andreian Cazacu: Contributions of Petru P. Caraman to the quasiconformality generalizations
Nicolae Anghel: Entire functions of finite order as solutions of complex linear differential equations with polynomial coefficients
Cristina Anton: Application of the dependence with complete connections to hidden Markov models
Marian F. Anton: Homology of arithmetic groups
Constantin M. Arcus: Interior and exterior differential systems for Lie algebroids
Lori Badea: Multigrid methods for constrained minimization problems
Vladimir Balan: Spectra and critical values associated to m-th root Finslerian geometric structures
Zoltan M. Balogh: Frequency of Sobolev and quasiconformal dimension distortion
Valeriu Baltag: The GL(2,R)-invariant center conditions for some cubic differential systems
Rodrigo Bañuelos: Fourier multipliers and singular integrals arising from Levy processes
Mihail Barbosu: Phase portraits with Maple
Marian Alexandru Baroni: Constructive order locatedness
Mihaela Carmen Baroni: Drawing 'the tree of life': clusters, trees, and phylogenetic networks
Serban A. Basarab: Embedding theorems for free actions on generalized trees
Fabrice Baudoin: Curvature dimension inequalities for subelliptic operators
Marius Beceanu: Structure of wave operators in Rn
Diana Bejenari: Polling models with PH distribution
Constantin-Nicolae Beli: Irreducibility of multivariable polynomials in terms of support and Characteristic
Mihaly Bencze: On an extension of the Hilbert integral inequality
Barbu Berceanu: Simple braids
Cristian Bereanu: Boundary value problems with singular φ-Laplacians
Istvan Berkes: Probability theory of nonrandom objects
Florin P. Boca: Irregularities in the angular distribution of hyperbolic lattice points
Marian Bocea: On the characterization of the effective yield set in polycrystal plasticity
Carmen Bolosteanu: Integral operators on nonorientable surfaces
Anca-Iuliana Bonciocat: Curvature bounds and functional inequalities in discrete spaces
Nicolae Ciprian Bonciocat: Using prime numbers to construct irreducible polynomials
Maria-Magdalena Boureanu: On a class of nonlinear stationary problems with Neumann boundary condition
Daniel Breaz: Univalence conditions for generalized integral operator
Nicoleta Breaz: Some p-valent functions with negative coefficients and their quasi-Hadamard product
Ileana Bucur: Darboux-Stieltjes vector integral
Gheorghe Bucur: Some remarks on Ito integral
Nero Budur: The monodromy conjecture
Sebastian Burciu: Clifford theory for semisimple Hopf algebras
Dan Burghelea: New topological invariants for angle valued maps (bar codes and Jordan cells)
Andrei Caldararu: Quantizing the normal bundle
Adrian Carabineanu: Tunnel effects in the lifting surface theory
Cristian Cazacu: Pohozaev-type identity for operators with singularities. Applications to exact boundary controllability problems
Aurelian Cernea: Some topological properties of solution set for a class of fractional differential inclusions
Dorin Cheptea: Weight systems and finite-type invariants of 3-dimensional manifolds
Ionut Chiose: On the Kähler rank of compact complex surfaces
Aurel Chirita: On some applications of the Blasius problem
Stan Chirita: Seismic Rayleigh waves in a thermoelastic half-space
Mircea Cimpoeas: A note on Stanley's conjecture for monomial ideals
Doina Cioranescu: Some properties of optimal control for tall thin honeycomb structures
Mihai Cipu: Bounds for integer D(-1)-quadruples
Cristina S. Cismasiu: Some remarks on Lupas operators of second kind
Sanda Cleja-Tigoiu: Modeling anisotropic damage in elasto-plastic materials with structural defects
Cristian Cobeli: Excursion in Pascal triangle
Marius Cocou: Pointwise unilateral and Coulomb friction conditions in contact mechanics
Alina Cojocaru: Questions about the reductions modulo primes of an elliptic curve
Elena P. Cojuhari: On general theory of skew polynomial rings
Dan Coman: Extension of plurisubharmonic functions with growth control
Constantin Corduneanu: Almost peridicity in a new approach
Horia D. Cornean: On the Lipschitz continuity of spectral bands of Harper-like and magnetic Schrodinger operators
Serban Costea: Newtonian Lorentz metric spaces
Alexandru V. Covalschi: The Frattini subloop and maximum condition for subloops
Mihai Cristea: On generalized quasiregular mappings
Septimiu Crivei: Krull-Schmidt finitely accessible categories
Anca Croitoru: Integral of measurable multifunctions with respect to a monotone measure
Stefan-Gicu Cruceanu: Global minimization using cellular exclusion algorithm
Marius Dadarlat: The C*-algebra of a vector bundle
Florin Damian: Regular maps and hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Mihai Damian: Lifted Floer homology and Lagrangian embeddings
Liana David: Dubrovin's duality for F-manifolds with eventual identities
Nicolae Danet: Order and metric completion of C(X)
Rodica-Mihaela Danet: Extension of a family of positive operators by using an additional set
Leonard Daus: Von Neumann regularity of smash products associated with G-set Gradings
Marian Deaconescu: Mathematical archaeology
Madalina Deaconu: A random walk on moving spheres approach for the simulation of Bessel hitting times
Laura DeMarco: Complex dynamics, arithmetic methods
Ciprian Demeter: Maximal directional operators in two and three dimensions
Nicolae Dinculeanu: Vector integration and stochastic integration in Banach spaces
Liviu P. Dinu: Spearman footrule and rank distance: combinatorial and computational aspects
Irina Dmitrieva: Mathematical solution of some industrial problem in technical electrodynamics
Mihaela Dobrescu: Continuity on a given set
Gheorghe Dogaru: Transportation problem in objectives space
Irina Dorca: On some starlike functions of non linear transforms with negative coefficients
Peter Dovbush: A Lindelof theorem
Corina Drapaca: A generalized continuum mechanics model based on fractional calculus
Irinel Dragan: On the computation of multiweighted shapley values
Vasile Dragan: Several control problems for systems modeled by singularly perturbed Ito differential equations with state and control dependent white noise
Andrei Draganescu: Multigrid solution of a distributed optimal control problem constrained by a semilinear elliptic PDE
Eugen Draghici: Some methods in geometric properties-preserving integral operators
Alexandru Dumitrache: Turbulent flow in a coanda ejector
Constantin Albert Dumitrache: Numerical analysis of the Stokes/Darcy coupling
Mihaela Dumitrache: On the inverse problem for equation of hyperbolic type
Sorin Dumitrescu: Lorentz geometries in dimension three
Dorin Dutkay: Fourier series on fractal measures
Cristian Enache: On some bounds estimates for means of low eigenvalues of the Neumann Laplacian
Behnaz Farnam: Effect of hall current on the MHD free convection flow from a semi-infinite isothermal vertical flat plate
Angelo Favini: Perturbation methods and identification problems for degenerate evolution systems
Cristian Faciu: On the structure of shock layers and phase boundaries for a rate-type approach to solid-solid phase transitions
Olivia Florea: Mathematical modelling and the stability study of a hydraulic tracking system
Louis Funar: Quantum representations of mapping class groups
Catalin Gales: Spatial behavior in the linear dynamic theory of magnetoelectroelasticity
Angel Garrido: Analysis of complex networks
Raluca-Mihaela Georgescu: Hopf bifurcation in a Bazykin-Khibnik model with three parameters
Camelia Gheldiu: Homogenization of linear elasticity problem for a two-dimensional domain of thin and periodic oblique bars
Aurelian Gheondea: Two dilation theorems in VH-spaces
Ionel Dumitrel Ghiba: Homogeneous and inhomogeneous plane waves in elastic materials with voids
Dorin Ghisa: Intertwined curves related to the Riemann zeta function
Alexandru Gica: Quadratic residues of certain types
Marian Gidea: Instability and diffusion in Hamiltonian systems
Ioan Golet: A type of contractions in probabilistic metric spaces
Dan Goreac: An occupational measure approach to stochastic control problems
Magdalena Grigoroscuta-Strugaru: Numerical performance of a stabilized discontinuous Galerkin method for 2D Helmholtz-type waveguide and scattering problems
Ghiocel Groza: A generalization of strictly convergent power series and their applications
Davide Guidetti: Determining the source term in an abstract parabolic problem from a time integral of the solution
A.D. Gurdish: About commutative Moufang loops of finite special rank
Valeriu Gutu: Numerical dynamics in Chaos game algorithm
Mariana Haragus: Dislocations in an anisotropic Swift-Hohenberg equation
Nicolai Haydn: Return times distribution for unions of cylinder sets for non-uniformly expanding maps
Ulrich Herkenrath: Autoregressive time series models with smoothed extreme values
Denis Ibadula: Determination of the real poles of the Igusa zeta function for curves
Bogdan Ichim: Introduction to normaliz 2.7
Cristian Ida: On the V-cohomology attached to a function of complex Finsler manifolds
Dorin Iesan: On the deformation of chiral elastic cylinders
Liviu Ignat: Dispersive properties for Schrodinger equations
Stelian Ion: Flow of a class of pseudo-plastic fluids through pipes
Ioan R. Ionescu: From Cheeger problem to limit analysis
Paltin Ionescu: On the Hartshorne conjecture
Tudor C. Ionescu: Moment matching for finite and infinite dimensional systems
Valentin Ionescu: On amalgamated conditionally free products of completely positive maps
Catalin Ionita: (G.C)-categories and generalizations of Gabriel-Popescu theorem
Andrei Iordan: Deformations and rigidity of Levi flat hypersurfaces in compact complex manifolds
Afrodita Iorgulescu: On l-implicative-groups and associated algebras of logic
Florin Isaia: Superposition operators on higher-order Sobolev spaces and applications to Dirichlet problems
Petru Jebelean: Radial solutions for singular φ--Laplacians
Nicolae Jitarasu: On the model Sobolev boundary value problem with singular boundary conditions
Cezar Joita: On the disk property of coverings of 1-convex surfaces
Maria Joita: Covariant completely positive maps on Hilbert C*-modules
Sergiu Klainerman: On the magic of Black Holes as mathematical objects
Gabriela Kohr: Extreme points, support points and the Loewner variation in C^n
Sanjeev Kumar: Thermal instability of Walters'(model B') compressible fluid in the presence of hall- current
Raja Mohammad Latif: Delta-open sets and Delta-continuous mappings in topological apaces
Hans-Joachim Lenz: Math inside - economics of oil and gas exploration and production
Victor Lie: The polynomial Carleson operator
Razvan Litcanu: Generalized analytic torsion classes
Paola Loreti: Hypercontractivity, functional inequalities, and Hamilton-Jacobi equations
Nicolae Lupa: Exponential trichotomy for evolution operators
Mircea Lupu: Some criteria and applications of absolute stability in the automatic regulation case of the nonlinear dynamical systems
Mario Maican: Semi-stable plane sheaves of dimension one and low multiplicity
Eugen Mandrescu: On the core of a unicyclic graph
Anca N. Marcoci: Extrapolation results of Yano's type on the cone of decreasing functions
Liviu G. Marcoci: Best constants between equivalent norms in Lorentz sequence spaces with an increasing weight
Solomon Marcus: From the euclidean to the non-euclidean paradigm
Aurora Marica: On the quadratic finite element approximation of 1-D waves: propagation, observation, control and numerical implementation
Liviu Marin: Stable boundary data reconstruction in elasticity from incomplete measurements using iterative algorithms with relaxation
George Marinescu: Quantization and canonical metrics in Kahler geometry
Marinela Marinescu: Analysis of stochastic differential equations with jumps
Sebastien Maronne: Fermatian style versus cartesian style in Algebraic Geometry?
Olga Martin: Variational method for solving two-dimensional neutron transport equation
Ioana Masca: Reversible geodesics for (α,β)- metrics
Andaluzia-Cristina Matei: Abstract variational problems and applications in contact mechanics
Daniel Matei: Characteristic varieties of quasiprojective manifolds and orbifolds
Laurentiu Maxim: Intersection space cohomology and hypersurface singularities
Marcel Migdalovici: Possible structure of the unbounded points of integrable functions and philosophical implications
Eugen Mihailescu: Entropy, Lyapunov exponents and foldings on higher dimensional fractals
Mihai Mihailescu: Mosco convergence for some power law functionals involving variable exponents
Graeme W. Milton: Bounding the size of inclusions in a body from boundary measurements
Alain Miranville: The Cahn-Hilliard equation with dynamic boundary conditions
Petru Mironescu: Singularities of manifold-valued Sobolev maps
Gheorghe Miscoi: An analog of the Pollaczek-Khintchin transform equation for Polling Systems
Flavia-Corina Mitroi: Mathematical inequalities for some divergences
Marcelina Mocanu: Embeddings of Orlicz-Sobolev spaces on metric measure spaces and Orlicz-Poincar\'{e} inequalities
Emil Moldoveanu: Potential theoretics notions with respect to a multivalued operator
Umberto Mosco: Remarks on fractals and pdes
Henri Moscovici: Hopf algebras and transverse characteristic classes
Radu Munteanu: Ergodic equivalence relations of non-product type
Camil Muscalu: Triangular Fourier series and physical reality
Mircea Neagu: The multi-time Riemann-Hamilton geometry on dual 1-jet spaces in the present geometrical context
Irina Nenciu: The periodic Ablowitz-Ladik equation and Floquet CMV matrices
Florin F. Nichita: Lie algebras and Yang-Baxter equations
Remus Nicoara: Finiteness results for commuting squares and subfactors
Liviu I. Nicolaescu: Critical sets of random smooth functions on compact manifolds
Alina M. Nicolaie: Dynamic prediction in competing risks by landmarking
Bogdan N. Nicolescu: Some considerations concerning the mathematical modeling of the cavitations in hydrodynamic lubrification; About Romanian contributions to cavity flow models
Constantin P. Niculescu: The behavior of integrable functions at infinity
Cristian Niculescu: Maximizing the entropy with certain grade correlation coefficients
Victor Nistor: Optimal rates of convergence for the finite element method on three dimensional polyhedral domains
Antonio Mihail Nuica: Renormalization of p.c.f.s.s. fractals
Alexandru Oancea: Symplectic homology and the Eilenberg-Steenrod axioms
Gabriela Olteanu: Idempotents in rational group algebras
Cezar Oniciuc: Biharmonic submanifolds in spheres
Dragos Oprea: Bundles of generalized theta functions
Miron Oprea: Romanian contributions to Morley's theorem
Andrei-George Oprina: Subordination operators on the space of finite configurations
Radu Pantilie: On holomorphic maps and generalized complex geometry
Iuliana Paraschiv-Munteanu: Regressive models in supervised learning from data
Gelu Pasa: Rising bubbles in thin tubes - surfactant effect
Mihai N. Pascu: Between weak and strong uniqueness of SDEs: $\varphi $--strong uniqueness and applications
Vicentiu Pasol: Trace formulas, character sums, and multiple Dirichlet series
Vic Patrangenaru: Statistical analysis of object data
Monica Patriche: New types of abstract economies and new notions of equilibrium
Laurentiu Paunescu: A'Campo curvature bumps near a singular point
Carmen Parvulescu: On some approximation operator ideals
Mayte Perez-Llanos: A homogenization process for a problem related to the Tug-of-War games
Anna-Maria Persson: Resolvent estimates and decomposable extensions of generalized Cesaro operators
Madalina Petcu: An interface problem: The two-layer shallow water equations
Adriana A. Petrache: Approximation of elliptic variational inequalities
Catalin Picu: Mechanics of materials with fractal microstructures and applications to cross-linked and non-cross-linked fiber networks
Cornel Pintea: The size of some vanishing and critical sets
Florian Pop: Bogomolov's birational anabelian program: State of the art
Horia Pop: Noncommutative determinants for quantum matrices
Alexandru A. Popa: Period polynomials and modular forms
Mihnea Popa: Derived equivalence of irregular varieties
Cristian D. Popescu: An equivariant main conjecture in Iwasawa theory and applications
Dorin Popescu: Recent results on Stanley's conjecture
George Popescu: Particular Rhaly operators
Ionel Popescu: The free one dimensional Poincare inequality
Liviu Popescu: Metric nonlinear connections on Lie algebroids
Mihai Popescu: Minimum energy for a class nonlinear controllable systems
Marian-Valentin Popescu: Coincidence and quasicoincidence results with compactness assumptions and some applications to abstract economies with two companies
Sever Angel Popescu: v-Maximal extensions and Henselian fields
Florin Popovici: The Riemann integral at the beginning of the 21st century
Vasile Postolica: Efficiency under Isac's cones and extensions
Florian A. Potra: Interior point methods
Cristian Preda: Functional PLS regression
George Purcaru: Failure and success in the science of prediction of large and great earthquakes
Monica Purcaru: Metrical semisymmetric N-linear connections on a generalized Hamilton space
Mihai Putinar: Matrix models in Laplacian Growth
Tudor Ratiu: Higher order mechanics
Dorina Raducanu: On the properties of a subclass of analytic functions
Constanta Zoie Radulescu: Mean-risk models for fishery management
Florin Radulescu: Operator algebras and number theory
Marius Radulescu: A generalized Dobrushin coefficient in the sense of Hartfiel-Rothblum
Sorin Radulescu: The Maksa-Volkmann conjecture on the norm super-additive functions
Rares Rasdeaconu: Relative open Gromov-Witten invariants
Michael Röckner: Recent extinction results for stochastic porous media equations and applications to self-organized criticality
Julio D. Rossi: Tug-of-War games and PDEs
Ionel Roventa: Generalized convexity and the existence of finite time blow-up solutions for semilinear parabolic equations
Sergiu Rudeanu: Profesorul Dan Barbilian
Ioan A. Rus: Coincidence producing operator on a fixed point structure
Galina Rusu: Convergence estimates for abstract second order singularly perturbed Cauchy problems with monotone nonlinearities
Sorin V. Sabau: On the variational problem for Riemann-Finsler surfaces and related topics
Adrian Sandovici: On representations and closedness of interconnected mathematical structures
Marta Sanz-Sole: Measuring the chances for deterministic sets to be visited by random sample paths
Bianca-Renata Satco: Solutions of differential equations and vector integrals
Norbert Schappacher: Political space curves
Petru I. Sclifos: On a class of loops that meet the interpolation property (on RS-loops)
Alexandra Seceleanu: The weak Lefschetz property, fat points and powers of linear forms
Ivan Secrieru: Construction of weighted approximate schemes
Emil Simion: Statistical tools used in cryptographic evaluation
Olivian Simionescu-Panait: TH-waves propagation in crystals subject to initial fields
Mihaela Singer: Pre-service teacher training: new understandings of the teaching profession
Loredana Smaranda: A modified Lagrange-Galerkin method for a fluid-rigid system with discontinuous density
Liviu Alexandru Sofonea: A modest homage to Romanian mathematicians from everywhere: creators, teachers, students
Mircea Sofonea: Analysis of contact problems with or without unilateral constraints
Anton Soloi: A class of ternary 4-point approximating subdivision scheme
Christof Sparber: Thermal effects in gravitational Hartree systems
Ligia Sporis: A few aspects of boundedness in locally convex cones
Vasile Staicu: Positive solutions for nonlinear periodic problems with concave terms
Cristina Stamate:Approximative subdifferential in quasiconvex analysis
Aurel Stan: An inequality about the norms of Gaussian Wick products
Diana-Elena Stanciu: Some applications of the image space analysis to the vector variational inequalities
Laura Stanciu: The convexity of the integral operator on the class {B}(μ,α)
Andreea Madalina Stancu: Sufficiency criteria in continuous-time nonlinear programming under generalized (\alpha, \rho)-(\eta, \theta)-type I invexity. Application to a class of variational-type inequalities
Doru Stefanescu: Romanian contributions to polynomials in the first half of XX--th century
Bernd Otto Stratmann: From Farey and Gauss to modern times, and variations of the theme
Laurian Suciu: Cesaro bounded operators and ergodic characterizations of reexive Banach spaces
Ioana Suvaina: ALE Ricci-flat Kahler surfaces and deformations of quotient singularities
Eleutherius Symeonidis: Harmonic deformation of planar curves
Parascovia Syrbu: Middle Bol loops
Hamid Reza Tabrizidooz: A composite pseudospectral collocation method for solving nonlinear optimal control problems
Maria Talpau Dimitriu: Estimates with optimal constants using Peetre's K-functionals on simplex
Andrei Teleman: Holomorphic bundles and holomorphic curves on class VII surfaces. The classification problem for class VII surfaces
Narcisa Teodorescu: Bayesian networks for management of prostate cancer
Mihai Tibar: On singular surfaces
Nadezda Vladimirovna Timofeeva: A compactification of moduli of stable vector bundles on the surface with locally free sheaves
Claudia Timofte: On the asymptotic behavior of a Signorini problem in a perforated domain
Dan Timotin: Contractively included subspaces of Nevanlinna--Pick spaces
Aida Toma: Robust estimation for financial returns: an approach based on pseudodistance minimization
Günter Törner: Viewing mathematics and mathematics education from an international perspective
Andrei T\"or\"ok: Transitivity of non-compact extensions of hyperbolic systems
Gerald Trutnau: On the Quasi-regularity of non-sectorial Dirichlet forms by processes having the same polar sets; On weak existence and path wise uniqueness of skew reflected squared Bessel and CIR processes and some applications to finance
Marius Tucsnak: Motions of solids in a fluid: mathematical analysis and control problems
Horiana Tudor: A generalization of the univalence criteria of Ozaki and Nunokawa
Rodica Luca-Tudorache: Existence of positive solutions for a nonlinear higher-order multi-point boundary value problem
Gabriel Turinici: Nonlinear control: from quantum control to mean field games
Corneliu Udrea: Nonlinear resolvents and quasilinear elliptic equations
Constantin Udriste: Multitime stochastic maximum principle for curvilinear integral actions
Nicoleta Ularu: New univalence conditions for some integral operators
Vasile I. Ursu: Soluble finitely separable Moufang loops
Dragos Vaida: Revisiting the works of Mihail Benado; Dan Barbilian-Ion Barbu after 50 years
Izu Vaisman: A Lie algebroid version of the Chern-Weil-Bott theory
Ilie Valusescu: Some geometrical aspects of the Γ-correlated processes
Florian-Horia Vasilescu: Spectral and Fredholm theory for linear relations via linear operators
Misha Verbitsky: Special holonomy and the moduli space of instantons on CP3
Andrei Vernescu: Remembering romanian mathematicians: Radu Badescu
Bogdan Vernescu: The influence of threshold slip and leak boundary bonditions on viscous flows
Costin Vilcu: Cut locus structures on graphs
Serban E. Vlad: On the symmetry of the universal regular autonomous asynchronous systems
Piedad Yuste: Early mathematics: The measure of the circle
Alexandru Zaharescu: Spectral norms of algebraic numbers, Siegel norms,and Weil numbers
Tudor Zamfirescu: Against the extremism in convex spaces
Gheorghita Zbaganu: On the perpendicular bisector property in a linear normed space
Laszlo Zsido: The reduction of standard von Neumann algebras