No 1.    A. Cernea: On the solution set of infinite horizon operational differential inclusions

No 2.    M. Mantoiu, R. Purice: Some propagation properties of the Iwatsuka model

No 3.    I. Beltita: Spectral theory for Schrodinger operators with boundary conditions on a half-space

No 8.    V. Ursu: Quasivarieties of commutative Moufang loops without independent basis of quasi-identities

No 9.    V. Ursu: Varietatea de bucle Moufang comutative are baza independenta de identitati

No 10.    I. Suciu : Maximum entropy truncable positive definite sequences of analytic Toeplitz operators

No 12.    G. Chiriacescu: On the cofiniteness of local cohomology modules

No 13.    A. Danescu: Design isotropic materials using anisotropic components via homogenization

No 20.    E.M. Craciun, E. Soos: Interaction of two unequal cracks in a prestressed fiber reinforced composite