The Tenth Congress of Romanian Mathematicians

June 30 - July 5, 2023
Piteşti, Romania

Universitatea din Pitesti

Directions to Pitesti:

- Information for International Travelers:

Henri Coanda International Airport (code OTP) is the main international airport of Romania. It was formely known as Bucharest Otopeni International Airport. It is located in Otopeni, 16.5 km north of Bucharest's city center, and 128 km from Pitesti. The airport is well connected to Bucharest via train, bus or taxi; one can check the airport's information page here.

A smaller airport close to Pitesti is Sibiu International Airport (code SBZ). It is located 3km west of Sibiu. One can then take a direct bus (about 3h) from Sibiu to Pitesti.

Another small airport close to Pitesti is Craiova International Airport (code CRA). It is located 7km east of Craiova. One can then take a direct train (about 2h:45min) or a bus (about 2h) from Craiova to Pitesti.

- Information for Domestic Travelers:

Pitesti is located in the Southern part of Romania, about 120 kilometres from the capital Bucharest. There is a direct highway (A1) from Bucharest to Pitesti. Pitesti is very well connected to all major cities in Romania, by train or by bus.

Conference Venue:

The University of Pitesti is located at Targu din Vale Street, No. 1, very close to the city center (spanning along Strada Victoriei) and to the Strand Park, on the banks of the Arges River. You can view the location of the University on the map below:

Universitatea din Pitesti

Local Accommodation:

There are many hotels within walking distance from the conference venue and from the city center. (Note: Hotel Muntenia and Hotel Cara are closed.)

Accommodation further away from the city center:

Here is a list of restaurants and coffee shops close to the conference venue:

Touristic Attractions:

Some places to see in Pitesti and in proximity:

Some iconic places to visit starting from Pitesti which could be combined in a one-day trip:

Last updated March 2023