No 2.    D. Popescu: Relative liftings

No 3.    V. Dragan: Global stabilizing solutions to Ricatti equations and stabilizing compensators with disturbance attenuation

No 4.    G. Godini: Normed almost linear spaces and best approximation

No 5.    I. Suciu: Schwarz lemma for operator valued contractive analytic functions

No 6.    L. Stoica: On exit systems and local time of diffussion processes

No 7.    S. Basarab: The dual of the category of trees

No 8.    E. J. Ionescu: Some new proofs in connection with Jordan operators

No 9.    C. Cobeli: Approximate formulas for the functions of prime numbers ℿ(X) and Pn

No 9_1.    N. Boboc, G. Bucur: Arithmetic and potential theory

No 10.    S. Basarab: On a problem raised by Alperin and Bass.II: Metric and order theoretic aspects

No 11.    A. Constantinescu: Some remarks on the finite generation of graded subalgebras

No 12.    M. Coltoiu, K. Diederich: Existence of 2-complete neighbourhoods for pseudoconvex domains

No 15.    C. Cobeli: Estimates for the number of primes in arithmetic progressions