No 2.    X. Balandraud, E. Ernst, E. Soos: Relaxation and creep phonomena in shape memory alloys. Part II: Stress relaxation and strain creep during phase transformation

No 3.    T. Constantinescu, A. Gheondea: On the Schur algorithm and coefficient characterizations for generalized Schur functions

No 4.    M. Mantoiu, R. Purice: Hardy type estimations with exponential weights for operators of convolution with analytic functions

No 5.    D. Beltita: Spectrum for a solvable Lie algebra of operators

No 6.    T. Morozan: Almost periodic solutions for parametrized Riccati equations

No 9.    V. Dragan, T. Morozan: Game theoretic coupled Riccati equations associated to controlled linear differential system with jump Markov perturbations

No 10.    V. Dragan, A. Stoica: A ℽ-attenuation problem discrete-time time-varying stochastic systems with multiplicative noise

No 12.    C. I. Cobeli, M. Crasmaru, A. Zaharescu: A cellular automata on a torus

No 13.    N. Mandache: Exponential clustering of eigenvalues for a big perturbation of the two-sphere

No 14.    F. P. Boca: Projections in rotation algebras and theta functions

No 15.    R. Stavre: Distributed control of a heat conducting, time-dependent, Navier-Stokes fluid

No 17.    M. Buliga: Lower semicontinuity of variational integrals defined on groups of diffeomorphisms

No 18.    C. Popa: Extension of an approximate orthogonalization algorithm to arbitrary rectangular matrices

No 20.    E.M. Craciun: Sih's generalised fracture criterion for prestressed orthotropic and isotropic materials

No 24.    L. Badea: On the Schwarz-Neumann method with an arbitrary number of domains