No 1.    V. Dragan, T. Morozan: A class of discrete time generalized Riccati equations

No 4.    B. Iftimie, I. Molnar, C. Varsan: Asymptotic behaviour and gradient representation for cad-lag solutions of SDE

No 5.    I. Valusescu: Some remarks on periodically correlated processes in complete correlated actions

No 6.    M. Cristea: Open discrete mappings having local ACLn inverses

No 7.    V. Dragan, T. Morozan: Discrete-time stochastic H2-optimal control

No 8.    V. Dragan, T. Morozan: Iterative algorithm to compute the maximal and stabilizing solutions of a general class of discrete-time Riccati type equations

No 9.    V. Grecea: Jumps of the canonical process associated with Ray a semigroup

No 10.    T. Albu: Completely irreducible meet decompositions in lattices, with applications to Grothendieck categories and torsion theories

No 11.    F. F. Nichita, B. P. Popovici: Some results on the Yang-Baxter equations and applications