VOL. 17(67) No. 2 2015
Abbas SAADATMANDI and Mohadeseh MOHABBATI Numerical solution of fractional telegraph equation via the tau method
Abderrahmane BOUCHAIR and Smail KELAIAIA Some results on C(X) with set open topology
Anurag JAYSWAL, Krishna KUMMARI and I. AHMAD Sufficiency and duality in minimax fractional programming with generalized(Φ;ρ)-invexity
G. ARAS-GAZIC, V. CULJAK, J. PECARIC and A. VUKELIC Generalization of Jensen's inequality by Hermite polynomials and related results
Prasanta Kumar RAY Balancing and Lucas-balancing sums by matrix methods
Abasalt BODAGHI and Ali JABBARI Module biflatness of the second dual of Banach algebras
Peyman NIROOMAND Characterizing finite p-groups by their Schur multipliers, t(G) = 5