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right now I work on:
  • emergent rewrite systems: em-convex (arXiv:1807.02058). Soon: em-torsor, em-sym (which will clarify the numbers definition from em-convex and the relation with Yamabe-Gleason and Montgomery-Zippin).
  • (stochastic) Hamiltonian systems with dissipation (arXiv:1807.10480). Continues the symplectic Brezis-Ekeland-Nayroles principle, from another angle. Followed by: (arXiv:1902.04598) On the information content of the difference from hamiltonian evolution (2019)
  • molecular computers, continuation of chemlambda and more experiments with Open Science, see the text version of Molecular computers article as (arXiv:1811.04960), (doi), and the page (Chemlambda v2) .
  • (artificial physics for artificial chemistry)