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Artificial chemistry experiments with chemlambda, lambda calculus, interaction combinators (github) (arXiv:2003.14332) (2020)
Alife properties of directed interaction combinators vs. chemlambda (github) (arXiv:2005.06060) (2020)
Graph rewrites, from emergent algebras to chemlambda (github) (2020)
expository: (Emergent rewrites in knot theory and logic)
expository: (A kaleidoscope of graph rewrite systems in topology, metric geometry and computer science)
expository, chemlambda as a hamiltonian system with dissipation: (Artificial physics for artificial chemistry)
general audience: (Chemlambda for the people)
salvaged from google+ and enhanced, a big part of the (Chemlambda collection of animations)
(Landing page for all chemlambda experiments) (local version)
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