Academic Program of EXcellence in Mathematics

August 3 - 24, 2024
Reşiţa, Romania

photo by Petre Dalea

How to apply

Please fill in the pre-registration form. You can start working on the selection problems right now and submit your answers by email to apexmaths2024@gmail.com. To apply for APEX-math, you will be required to fill in the following information:

  1. First Name
  2. Family Name
  3. Age
  4. E-mail of the applicant / legal representative
  5. Special needs of the participant (reduced mobility, special medical needs, special dietary requirements etc.)
  6. Participant's CV (not longer than 1 page), school transcripts, awards, certificates etc.
  7. 1-page letter of intent
  8. Scan of the solutions to the selection problems below as a single PDF file
  9. Please specify if you would like to apply for financial support.
  10. Additional comments

If you have any questions concerning the application process, please feel free to email us at apexmaths2024@gmail.com

The application deadline is May 1. Applications received at a later date will still be considered but given less priority. We expect to send out the first acceptance letters with enrollment and other logistic details (including payment) by May 15.


The prerequisites are as follows: basic arithmetic and algebra (primes numbers, rings, polynomials), function theory (continuity, differentiability). No knowledge of advanced calculus or linear algebra is assumed. Familiarity with complex numbers, though not absolutely essential, would be helpful.

Selection problems

Please download a copy of the selection problems. In the file you will find 5 problems of various difficulty, some of which are open ended. It is certainly not necessary to solve all the problems in order to be selected to participate in the Apex Math summer program! We are more interested in seeing your unique way of approaching the problem and in the methods which you come up with than in seeing a full solution. We encourage you to write up (and develop to the extent that you feel inspired) any ideas that you have, even if it only concerns a special case or if it does not lead to complete solutions. Your curiosity in exploring the patterns that you notice will be much valued.

Please scan or save your solutions as a single PDF file.