No 1.    D. Chirica: Invariants of real Galois extensions in Q

No 3.    V. Dragan, T. Morozan: Disturbance attenuation by state feedback for time-varying Ito systems with state dependent white noise

No 4.    A. Cernea: Continuous imbedding of a solution of evolution equations

No 5.    R. Stavre: A theoretical and numerical approach of a distributed control model for a free boundary problem

No 6.    I. Coanda: Restriction theorems for vector bundles via the methods Roth and Strano

No 7.    S. Revenko, V. Soltan: Helly-type theorems on common supporting lines for non-overlapping families of convex bodies in the plane

No 8.    M. Cipu: Replicable functions: a computational approach

No 9.    A. Gheondea: On generalized interpolation and shift invariant maximal semidefinite subspaces

No 10.    A. Gheondea, R. J. Ober: Completely J – Positive linear systems of finite order

No 12.    V. Iftimie: Champs magnetiques, groupes discrets et asymptotique semi-classique

No 13.    L. Badescu, M.C. Beltrametti, P. Francia: Positive curves in polarized manifolds

No 14.    E. A. Suciu: Spectral resolutions of Hilbert modules over a function algebra

No 15.    T. Constantinescu, A. Gheondea: Representations of Hermitian kernels by means of Krein spaces

No 16.    R. Iordanescu: Recent advances and new open problems in the Jordan algebra approach to differential geometry

No 18.    M. Mustata, M. Popa: A new proof of a theorem of A. van de Ven

No 19.    M. Cipu: Diophantine equations with at most one positive solution

No 20.    T. Morozan: Parametrized Riccati equations for controlled linear differential systems with jump Markov perturbations

No 23.    A. Georgescu, C. Rocsoreanu, N. Giurgiteanu: Equilibria and relaxation oscillations of the nodal system of the heart. 2. Hopf bifurcation

No 24.    A. Georgescu, C. Rocsoreanu, N. Giurgiteanu: Dynamics and bifurcation in a biological model

No 25.    A. Capatina, R. Stavre: Algorithms and convergence results for an inverse problem

No 26.    J. Herzog, D. Popescu: Hilbert functions and homogeneous generic forms

No 27.    M. Buliga: Perturbed area functionals and brittle damage mechanics

No 28.    M. Aprodu: An Appell-Humbert theorem for hyperelliptic surfaces

No 29.    T. Constantinescu, A. Gheondea: On a Nehari type problem on spaces with indefinite inner product

No 30.    N. Mihalache: The n th -dimensional homology group of an n-dimensional Runge pair

No 31.    V. Vajaitu: Convexity properties of locally hyperconvex morphisms

No 32.    N. Boboc, G. Bucur: Potential theory on ordered sets

No 33.    G. Stefanescu: Reaction and control. I. Mixing additive and multiplicative network algebras

No 34.    D. Beltita, M. Sabac: An asymptotic formula for the commutators

No 35.    V. Ursu: On identities of nilpotent Moufang loops

No 36.    R. Iordanescu: Recent advances and new open problems in the Jordan algebra approach to differential geometry (Revised version)

No 37.    G. Stefanescu: Axiomatizing mixed relations (Preliminary results)

No 38.    G. Stefanescu: A short tour on FEST