No 1.    S. Ion, G. Marinoschi, D. Homentcovschi, A. Marinov, D. Marinescu: Unsaturated water flow

No 2.    E. A. Suciu: Nagy-Foias diagram for Hilbert modules over the polydisk algebra

No 6.    C. Udrea: The Dirichlet problem for the Monge-Ampere equation and the nonlinear resolvents

No 7.    D. Beltita: Spectra for solvable Lie algebras of bundle endomorphisms

No 8.    S. Maftea: Methods of averaging and freezing for sum-difference equations in partial differences with maximum

No 9.    A. Berechet: Simple proofs of extensions of Kuzmin's theorem with exponential convergence for a class of fibred systems

No 10.    C. Popa: A general method for constructing the generalized oblique projection matrices on the Diagonal Weighting algorithm

No 11.    I. Beltita, D. Cornean: On a theorem of Arne Persson

No 13.    V. I. Ursu: Bucle Moufang rezolubile finit separabile