No 3.    A. Berechet: Ergodic behaviour of higher order derivatives of certain Perron-Forbenius operators

No 4.    A. Cornea: Solution of the Dirichlet problem on Riemannian manifolds by integration on the unit sphere in the tangent space

No 5.    R. Diaconescu: Institution-independent ultraproducts

No 6.    L. Badea: Domain decomposition Schwarz method for strongly nonlinear variational inequalities

No 7.    R. Diaconescu: Elementary diagrams in institutions

No 9.    D. Beltita: Complex homogeneous spaces of pseudo-restricted groups

No 10.    D. Beltita: Equivariant monotone operators and infinite-dimensional complex homogeneous spaces

No 11.    F. P. Boca, R. N. Gologan, A. Zaharescu: On the average free path length for the periodic two-dimensional Lorentz gas. The homogeneous case

No 12.    F. P. Boca, R. N. Gologan, A. Zaharescu: On the statistics of the first exit time in the periodic two-dimensional Lorentz gas

No 13.    R. Cristescu: Ordered linear automata

No 14.    G. Pasa, O. Titaud: A new class of optimal viscosity profile in oil recovery