No 1.    T. Albu, P. Smith: Primal, completely irreducible, and primary meet decompositions in modules

No 2.    V. I. Ursu: On a product of classes of algebraic systems

No 3.    A. Halanay, D. Tiba: Shape optimization for stationary Navier-Stokes equations

No 4.    G. Pasa: Stability conditions for diffusive displacement in three-layer Hele-Show cells or porous medium

No 5.    M. Cristea: Univalence criteria starting from the method of Loewner chains

No 6.    F. F. Nichita, C. Popescu: Entwined bicomplexes

No 7.    J. F. Bonnans, D. Tiba: Control problems with mixed constraints and application to an optimal investment problem

No 8.    I. Valusescu: An update on the maximal function

No 9.    M. Sofonea, D. Tiba: The control variational method for beams in contact with deformable obstacles

No 10.    D. Tiba: Finite element approximation for shape optimization problems with Neumann and mixed boundary conditions

No 11.    V. Grecea: A family of L2-spaces associated to the jumps of a Markov process

No 12.    I. Molnar, C. Varsan: Functionals associated with gradient stochastic flows and nonlinear parabolic equations