No 1.    H. I. Ene: On the microstructure models of porous media

No 2.    R. Diaconescu: Grothendieck institutions

No 3.    R. Lauter, S. Moroianu: On the index formula of Melrose and Nistor

No 5.    C.-G. Ambrozie, D. Timotin: The intertwining lifting theorem for a class of reproducing kernels spaces

No 6.    R. Stavre: Optimization and numerical approximation for micropolar fluids

No 7.    O. Pasarescu: Halpen-Castelnuovo theory for smooth curves in Pn I. The non-lacunar domain

No 8.    O. Pasarescu: Remarks on two theorems of Ciliberto and Sernesi