VOL. 17(67) • No. 3 • 2015
Huilin ZHU, Maohua LE and Gökhan SOYDAN On the number of solutions of the diophantine equation x2 + 2a • pb = y4
Behnaz TOLUE The non-centralizer graph of a finite group
Zuoxiang PENG, Qin JIANG and Saralees NADARAJAH A unified representation of P-max stable distributions
Peter DANCHEV On ω1-separable and Crawley Abelian p-groups in ZFC
Laura GĂVRUŢA Atomic decompositions for operators in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces
Gabriel STICLARU Log-concavity of Milnor algebras for projective hypersurfaces
Shitian LIU and Yunxia XIE A characterization of L4(3) by nse
Salma KANWAL and Ioan TOMESCU Bounds for degree distance of a graph