VOL. 20(70) No. 1 2018
Muhammad ASLAM and Rehan AHMED On word structure of the Hecke group H6) over real quadratic fields
Mihai NICOLAE On tangent groups of 2-step nilpotent pre-Lie groups
Usman ALI, Anam RIAZ and Misbah ARSHAD On the centralizer of generators in 3-braid group
Waqas MAHMOOD Cohomologically complete intersections with vanishing of Betti numbers
Mohammad ASHRAF, Mohd Arif RAZA and Sajad Ahmad PARY Commutators having idempotent values with automorphisms in semi-prime rings
Bijan Kumar PATEL, Nurettin IRMAK and Prasanta Kumar RAY Incomplete balancing and Lucas-balancing numbers
Zhang WENPENG and Hu JIAYUAN The number of solutions of the diagonal cubic congruence equation mod p
B. LAHMI, E. AZROUL and K. El HAITI Nonlinear degenerated elliptic problems with dual data and nonstandard growth
Marjan SHEBANI ABDOLYOUSEF and Huanyin CHEN Rings in which every zero divisor is the sum or difference of a nilpotent element and an idempotent