No 1.    V. Dragan, A. Halanay, A. Stoica: Two-block Nehari and H problems

No 2.    D. Tiba: On the convex programming problem

No 3.    A. Cernea, S. Mirica: Differentiability of solution with respect to initial data and derived cones to reachable sets

No 4.    M. Cipu: An explicit study of 1-sequences

No 5.    M. Coltoiu, K. Diederich: Open sets with Stein hypersurface section in Stein spaces

No 6.    V. Grecea: Ray compactifications for resolvents with bounded initial kernel

No 7.    I. Bucur: Completion universelle

No 8.    A. Halanay, V. Dragan, A. Stoica: Well-conditioned computation H for controller near the optimum

No 15.    C. Muscalu: Bounded linear operators from rearrangement invariant spaces into Hardy spaces of analytic functions

No 17.    V. Ionescu: Liberte par rapport a un ensemble arbitraire d'etats

No 18.    C. Muscalu: Analytic measures and interpolation between vector valued Hardy spaces

No 20.    C. Muscalu: A jopint norm control Nehari type theorem for N-tuples of Hardy spaces

No 30.    R. Iordanescu: The geometrical Barbilian's work from a modern point of view

No 37.    T. Morozan: Parametrized Riccati equations associated to input-output operators for time-varying stochastic differential equations with state-dependent noise

No 40.    A. Capatina, R. Stavre: Numerical analysis of a control problem in heat conducting Navier-Stokes fluid