VOL. 17(67) • No. 1 • 2015
A. LESFARI Champ de Yang-Mills avec groupe de jauge SU(2)
Huy Tuan NGUYEN Stability and regularization for 2-D backward heat conduction equation
Flavius PATRULESCU and Ahmad RAMADAN Convergence results for contact problems with memory term
Ali FILIZ, Abdullah SONMEZOGLU, Mehmet EKICI and Durgun DURAN A new approach for soliton solutions of RLW equation and (1+2)-dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger’s equation
Najma Abdul REHMAN Stability on generalized Sasakian space forms
Imed BACHAR On some fractional Dirichlet problems in bounded domains
S. HEYDARI, N. AHANJIDEH and B. ASADIAN On the characterization of simple K4-group L2(3m) in the class of finite centerless groups
Bilender P. ALLAHVERDIEV Spectral problems of Jacobi operators in limit-circle case
Peter DANCHEV On nicely and separately ω1-pω+n-projective Abelian p-groups
Octav OLTEANU Markov moment problem and related approximation
Azam BABAI and Behrooz KHOSRAVI Quasirecognition by prime graph of Ln(2α) for some n and α