VOL. 19(69) No. 2 2017
T. YURDAKADIM and C. ORHAN Some inequalities between functionals on bounded sequences
Mircea CIMPOEAŞ Stanley depth of the path ideal associated to a line graph
Dan LASCU Metric properties of N-continued fractions
Irena Kosi ULBL On functional equation related to (m, n)-Jordan triple centralizers
Cyrus JALALI Interplay between homological dimensions of a complex and its right derived section
Adrian C. MURZA Limit cycles for a class of eleventh Z12-equivariant systems without infinite critical points
Bilender P. ALLAHVERDIEV Extensions, dilations and spectral analysis of singular Sturm-Liouville operators
S. ABBAS, M. BENCHOHRA and M.A. DARWISH Some existence and stability results for abstract fractional differential inclusions with not instantaneous impulses
Ahmet TEKCAN Indefinite quadratic forms and Pell equations involving quadratic ideals