VOL. 21(71) No. 2 2019
M. Ezzat MOHAMED, Mohammed M. AL-SHOMRANI and M.I. ELASHIRY The influence of Ƒhq-supplemented subgroups on the structure of finite groups
Sujoy MAJUMDER and Rajib MANDAL Uniqueness of meromorphic functions satisfying a non-linear polynomial differential equation
Asghar RAHIMI, Zahra DARVISHI and Bayaz DARABY Dual pair and approximate dual for continuous frames in Hilbert spaces
Mehdi AMRAEE, Nader JAFARI RAD and Mohammad MAGHASEDI Roman domination stability in graphs
Farid BEHROUZI A characterization for the surjective isometries between two vector valued spaces of continuous functions
Ghasem A. AFROUZI and Sakineh AMIRKHANLOU Infinitely many solutions for elliptic equations involving a general operator in divergence form
Driss BENNIS and Abdulaziz SHAIEA A note on p-extensions
Bahar Demirtürk BİTİM and Nazim TOPAL Quaternions via generalized Fibonacci and Lucas number components
Yamilet QUINTANA, William RAMÍREZ and Alejandro URIELES Generalized Apostol-type polynomial matrix and its algebraic properties