No 1.    T. Albu, S. Basarab: Toward an abstract Cogalois theory (I): Kneser and Cogalois groups of cocycles

No 2.    V. Ene, D. Popescu: Rank one maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules over singularities of type Y13+ Y23+ Y33+ Y43

No 3.    A. Danescu: Generalized Stefan models accounting for discontinous temperature field

No 4.    D. Beltita: Elements of Lie theory in finite and infinite dimensions (Appendices)

No 6.    D. Ijacu, C. Varsan: Stochastic differential equations associated with smooth mapping and non Ft-adapted solutions

No 8.    R. Diaconescu: Interpolation in Grothendieck institutions

No 10.    R. Stavre: Boundary control of a non stationary magnetohydrodynamic flow

No 11.    V. Dragan, T. Morozan: Exponential stability for discrete time linear equations definited by positive operators