No 1.    C. Anghel, N. Buruiana: On a theorem of Ziv Ran.

No 2.    M. Cristea: The method of Loewner chains in the study of the univalence of C2 mappings

No 3.    M. Cristea: Boundary behaviour of the mappings satisfying generalized inverse modular inequalities

No 4.    D. Polisevski, R. Schiltz-Bunoiu, A. Stanescu: Heat transfer with first-order interfacial jump in a biconnected structure

No 5.    T. Albu, M. Iosif, A. Tercan: The conditions (Ci) in modular lattices, and applications

No 6.    M. Nicolae : On differential calculus on pre-Lie groups

No 7.    R. Diaconescu, M. Codescu, I. Tutu: Technical report: 22nd International Workshop on Algebraic Development Techniques WADT 2014

No 8.    V. I. Ursu: Axiomatization and local theorem for certain classes of loops

No 9.    T. Albu, M. Iosif: Lattice preradicals with applications

No 10.    S. Basarab: Embedding theorems for median-free groups

No 11.    S. Basarab: Embedding theorems for free actions on Λ-trees