VOL. 20(70) No. 3 2018
Seyyed Mohammad TABATABAIE The problem of density on commutative strong hypergroups
Aymen RAHALI Dual topology of generalized motion groups
Habibollah ANSARI-TOROGHY and Shokoufeh HABIBI The annihilating-submodule graph of modules over commutative rings
Wei ZHANG and Yun-Zhang LI New inequalities and erasures for continuous g-frames
Peyman NIROOMAND Classifying p-groups by their Schur multipliers
Mehri AKHAVAN-MALAYERI On commutators in p-groups of maximal class and some consequences
Megha GOYAL and M. RANA On central tendencies of the parts in certain restricted partitions
Maryam Mast ZOHOURI, Khadijeh Ahmadi AMOLI and Saadatollah FARAMARZI Relative Cohen-Macaulay filtered modules with a view toward relative Cohen-Macaulay modules
Abdullah ÖZBEKLER Sub-linear oscillations via nonprincipal solution
Khaldoun AL-ZOUBI and Feda'a QARQAZ An intersection condition for graded prime submodules in Gr-multiplication modules