No 1.    G. Marinescu: Holomorphic Morse inequalities

No 2.    V. Grecea: Localization of energy functional and quality for excessive measures

No 3.    L. Badescu: Lefschetz type results for proper intersections

No 4.    N. Boboc: Fine behaviour of balayages in potential theory

No 5.    R. Stavre: Study of a jet incident on a porous wall in a gravity field

No 6.    V. Ionescu: Free product of C*-algebras via a family of maps

No 7.    T. Constantinescu: Extending factorizations and minimal negative signatures

No 9.    J. A. Bergstra, G. Stefanescu: Translations between flowchart schemes and process graphs

No 10.    C. Varsan: On decomposition and manifold structure of nonlinear control systems

No 11.    G. Bucur, M. Bezzarga: Theorie du potentiel pour les systemes semi-dynamiques

No 12.    S. Papadima: A rational homotopy analogue of the Poincare conjecture

No 13.    L. Badescu: On a result of Zak-L'vovsky