VOL. 20(70) No. 2 2018
Ciprian TUDOR and Maria TUDOR Regularity of local times of Gaussian self-similar quasi-helices
Ali AHMAD, Martin BAČA and Saba SULTAN Minimal doubly resolving sets of necklace graph
Monica PATRICHE The core of the games with fractional linear utility functions
Farzad SHAVEISI Some results on the regular digraph of ideals and ergodic theory
Tran Van TAN and Nguyen Van THIN On the value distribution of difference polynomials
Tomáš VETRÍK On bipartite Cayley graphs of small diameter
Elaheh KHAMSEH and Somaieh Alizadeh NIRI Classification of pair of nilpotent Lie algebras by their Schur multipliers
Javad Bagheri HAREHDASHTI and Hosein Fazaeli MOGHIMI Complete homomorphisms between the lattices of radical submodules
Gopal Krishna PANDA, Takao KOMATSU and Ravi Kumar DAVALA Reciprocal sums of sequences involving balancing and Lucas-balancing numbers
Yaning WANG Harmonic maps on almost Kenmotsu manifolds