VOL. 21(71) • No. 1 • 2019
Niat NIGAR, Constantin FETECAU and Shehraz AKHTAR General solutions for the axial Couette flow of rate type fluids in cylindrical domains
Bijan Kumar PATEL and Prasanta Kumar RAY On the properties of (p, q)-Fibonacci and (p, q)-Lucas quaternions
Takao KOMATSU and Rusen LI Convolution identities for Tribonacci numbers with symmetric formulae
Jafar A'ZAMI and Maryam KHAJEPOUR Topics in prime submodules and other aspects of the prime avoidance theorem
Bao Quoc TA and Chung Pham VAN A probabilistic proof of Euler's formula for ζ(2n)
Gözde ÖZKAN TÜKEL and Ahmet YÜCESAN Elastic strips with timelike directrix
Ismail NIKOUFAR and Moosa SHAMOHAMMADI Multivariate perspectives
Shaohui WANG, Wei GAO, Muhammad K. JAMIL, Mohammad R. FARAHANI and Jia-Bao LIU Bounds of Zagreb indices and hyper Zagreb indices
Bahram DASTOURIAN and Mohammad JANFADA K-frames and unitary representations
Huanyin CHEN, Handan KOSE and Yosum KURTULMAZ Almost unit-clean rings
Aynur ARIKAN On certain F-perfect groups