VOL. 18(68) No. 1 2016
Marcin KRZYWKOWSKI On trees with equal total domination and 2-outer-independent domination numbers
Hamid VAEZI and Sepideh NASRESFAHANI Symmetric lifting operator acting on some spaces of analytic functions
Waqas MAHMOOD On cohomologically complete intersections in Cohen-Macaulay rings
H. Saberi NAJAFI, H. AMINIKHAH and S.A. EDALATPANAH Linear Legendre multi-wavelets method for solving systems of Fredholm integral equations
Behrooz KHOSRAVI, Behnam KHOSRAVI, Bahman KHOSRAVI and Zahra MOMEN Recognition of some simple groups by character degree graph and order
M. MANTOIU Coorbit spaces of symbols for square integrable families of operators
Azhar Ali ZAFAR, Constantin FETECAU and Itrat Abbas MIRZA On the flow of Oldroyd-B fluids with fractional derivatives over a plate that applies shear stress to the fluid
Pengzhan HUANG and Abdurishit ABDUWALI Modified local Crank-Nicolson method for generalized Burgers-Huxley equation
Imed BASDOURI and Salem OMRI Cohomology of the Lie superalgebra of contact vector fields on weighted densities on the superspace K1|n
Sebahattin IKIKARDES, Zehra SARIGEDIK DEMIRCIOGLU and Recep SAHIN Generalized Pell sequences in some principal congruence subgroups of the Hecke groups
Behrouz SHOJAEE and Abasalt BODAGHI Approximate weak amenability of certain Banach algebras