VOL. 18(68) • No. 2 • 2016
This volume is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Romanian Academy
S.OSTADBASHI and M. SOLEIMANINIA On Pexider difference for a Pexider cubic functional equation
M. NICA and C. VÂRSAN Two problems for stochastic flows associated with nonlinear parabolic equations
Sohail ZAFAR and Zohaib ZAHID Binomial edge ideals with two associated primes
Xiaoling MA and Fei WEN Spectral characterization of graphs with small second largest Laplacian eigenvalue
Ali AHMAD, Muhammad IBRAHIM and Muhammad Kamran SIDDIQUI On the total irregularity strength of generalized Petersen graph
Sarfraz AHMAD On the chain blockers of a poset
Eduard DANIELIAN, Robert CHITCHYAN and Davood FARBOD On a new regularly varying generalized hypergeometric distribution of the second type
Andrei ALEXANDRU and Gabriel CIOBANU Finitely supported subgroups of a nominal group
Anurag SHUKLA, N Sukavanam and D.N. Pandey Complete controllability of semilinear stochastic systems with delay in both state and control
Kankeyanathan KANNAN Rapid decay and invariant approximation property
Ali Ansari ARDALI and Soghra NOBAKHTIAN Boundedness of the strong KKT multipliers for proper and isolated efficiencies in nonsmooth multiobjective optimization