VOL. 18(68) No. 3 2016
PREMALATHA and N. NATHIYA Unique integral representation for the class of balanced separately superharmonic functions in a product network
Kashif ALI, Syed Tahir Raza RIZVI and Andrea SEMANICOVÁ-FENOVCÍKOVÁ C4-supermagic labelings of disjoint union of prisms
B. VAKILI a-Minimax modules and extension functors of local cohomology
Adrian C. MURZA The cyclic Hopf H mod K theorem
Zuliang LU A posteriori error estimates of triangular mixed finite element methods for quadratic convection diffusion optimal control problems
Meryem CILDIR, Ozden KORUOGLU and Ahmet TEKCAN On positive definite quadratic forms and the extended Hecke group H(√2)
Gelu PASA Effect of variable surface tension in Landau-Levich problem
Junfeng CHEN and Shichang SHU Willmore Lagrangian submanifolds in complex hyperbolic space CHn
Bijan Kumar PATEL and Prasanta Kumar RAY The period, rank and order of the sequence of balancing numbers modulo m
Emil HOROBET An algorithm to construct the basic algebra of a skew group algebra
Betül GEZER, Buse ÇAPA and Osman BIZIM A family of integer Somos sequences