VOL. 19(69) No. 1 2017
Marcin KRZYWKOWSKI and Jerzy TOPP On interval and indifference graphs
Sujoy MAJUMDER A power of a meromorphic function sharing one value with its derivative
Hamideh MOHAMMADZADEHKAN, Ali EBADIAN and Kazem Haghnejad AZAR Joint spectrum of n-tuple of upper triangular matrices with entries in a unitall Banach algebra
Monica PATRICHE Rationality in qualitative games
H. ROSHAN-SHEKALGOURABI and D. HASSANZADEH-LELEKAAM On a graph of homogenous submodules of graded modules
Mohammad Bagher GHAEMI, Nahid GHARAKHANLU and Yoel Je CHO On joint convexity and concavity of some known trace functions
Zhang HAN and Zhang WENPENG The fourth power mean of two-term exponential sums and its application
Amir KHAMSEH and Gholamreza OMIDI Generalization of Ramsey theory for stars and one matching
Misbah ARSHAD and Ioan TOMESCU Maximum general sum-connectivity index with -1≤ α <0 for bicyclic graphs
M. KHANEHGIR, M. AMYARI and M. MORADIAN KHIBARY Pushout diagrams of H*-algebras
Ali AHMAD and Ruxandra MARINESCU-GHEMECI Radio labeling of some ladder-related graphs
Bernadette FAYE and Florian LUCA Lucas numbers with the Lehmer property
Muhammad Amer QURESHI, S. HUSSAIN and Ghulam SHABBIR Conservation of Hamiltonian using continuous Galerkin Petrov time discretization scheme