No 1.    H. Moscovici, A. Verona: Harmonically induced representations of nilpotent Lie groups

No 2.    I. Suciu, I. Valusescu: Factorization theorems and prediction theory

No 3.    Z. Ceausescu: Lifting of a contraction intertwining two isometries

No 4.    W. Derski, H. I. Ene: Les equations du mouvement dans les milieux poreux

No 5.    D. Burghelea: Some relational computations of the Waldhausen algebraic K-theory

No 6.    N. Popa: Q-Banach lattices and positive projections

No 7.    C. Banica, M. Stoia: Singular sets of a module and local cohomology

No 8.    C. Varsan: Almost optimal feedback law for terminal control problems

No 9.    R. Iordanescu : Introducere in teoria reprezentarilor grupurilor finite

No 10.    I. Singer: Two papers on convex optimization

No 11.    L. Zsido: Spectral properties of the analytic generator and singular integrals

No 12.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur, A. Cornea: Natural topologies on H-cones. Weak completeness

No 13.    V. Barbu: Boundary control problems with convex cost criterion

No 14.    I. Cioranescu, L. Zsido: A minimum modulus theorem and applications to ultradifferential operators

No 15.    G. Godini: Geometrical properties of a class of Banach spaces including the spaces Co and Lp (1≤p<∞)

No 16.    C. Peligrad: Derivations of nest algebras with values in K(H)

No 17.    I. Cioranescu, L. Zsido: ω-ultradistributions and their applications to the operator theory

No 18.    F.-H. Vasilescu: Analytic perturbations of the -operator and integral representation formulas in Hilbert spaces

No 19.    I. Cioranescu: Convolution equations in ω-ultradistribution spaces

No 20.    L. Stoica: On two-parameter semimartingales

No 21.    S. Barcanescu, Al. Brezuleanu: Formal power series algebraically independent over polynomials

No 22.    A. Halanay, Vl. Rasvan: Approximations of delays by ordinary differential equations

No 23.    C. Foias, C. Pasnicu, D. Voiculescu: Weak limits of almost invariant subspaces

No 24.    I. Suciu, I. Valusescu: A linear filtering problem in complete correlated actions

No 25.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur, A. Cornea: Carrier theory and negligible sets on a standard H-cons of functions

No 26.    O. Liess: Antilocality of complex powers of elliptic differential operators with analytic coefficients

No 27.    L. Zsido: Invariant subspaces of compact perturbations of linear operators in Banach spaces

No 28.    Gr. Arsene, Z. Ceausescu, C. Foias: On intertwinning dilations VII

No 30.    C. Foias: Contractive intertwining dilations and waves in layered media

No 31.    G. Godini: On minimal points

No 32.    L. Stoica: On axiomatic potential theory

No 33.    D. Voiculescu: On extremal invariant functions of positive type of certain groups

No 34.    D. Voiculescu: Some results on norm-ideal perturbations of Hilbert space operators

No 35.    H. Moscovici: A vanishing theorem for L²-cohomology in the nilpotent case

No 36.    F.-A. Potra: The rate of convergence of a modified Newton's process

No 37.    C. Banica: Sur les fibres infinitesimelles d'un morphisme propre d'espaces complexes

No 38.    I. Valusescu: The maximal function of a contraction

No 39.    D. Voiculescu: Some results on norm-ideal perturbations of Hilbert space operators. II

No 40.    G. Georgescu: A representation theorem for polyadic Heyting algebras

No 41.    C. Apostol: Ultraweakly closed operator algebras

No 42.    I. Suciu: Factorization theorems for operator valued functions on multiply connected domains

No 43.    S. Barcanescu, N. Manolache: Betti numbers of Segre-Veronese singularities

No 44.    N. Popa: On the complemented subspaces of lp , 0<p<1

No 45.    I. Singer: Extension with larger norm and separation with double support in normed linear spaces

No 46.    R. I. Teodorescu: Sur l'unicite de la decomposition des contractions en somme directe

No 47.    B. Bereanu: Stochastic-parametric linear programs II.

No 48.    A. Constantinescu: Schemas with closed 1-codimensional points

No 49.    Gr. Arsene, S. Stratila: A bibliography on operator algebras and related topics