No 1.    V. Ionescu: Free independence with respect to a family of state sets

No 2.    V. Vajaitu: q-completeness and q-concavity of union of open subspaces

No 3.    L. Beznea, N. Boboc: Quasi-boundedness and subtractivity; applications to excessive measures

No 4.    A. Capatina, R. Stavre: A boundary control problem in fluid mechanics

No 5.    L. Beznea, N. Boboc: Kuran's regularity criterion and localization in excessive structures

No 6.    A. Aramova, S. Barcanescu, J. Herzog: On the rate of relative Veronese submodules

No 7.    L. Beznea, L. Stoica: From diffusions to processes with jumps

No 9.    N. Boboc, G. Bucur: Dilation operators in excessive structures; existence and unicity

No 10.    V. Dragan, A. Halanay, A. Stoica: A procedure to compute an optimal robust controller in the gap-metric

No 11.    J.-E. Martinez-Legaz, I. Singer: Dualities associated to binary operations on R̅

No 12.    I. Bucur: On the universal completion of an Archimedean Riesz space