No 1.    Y. Dermenjian, V. Iftimie: Absence des values propres pour les milieux pluristratifies

No 4.    R. Stavre: A distributed control problem for micropolar fluids

No 5.    D. Tiba: A property of Sobolev spaces and existence in optimal design

No 6.    C. Popa: Projections and approximate orthogonalization for numerical solution of inconsistent least-squares problems

No 11.    D. Homentcovschi: Minimum order regular boundary integral equations for 3-D eddy currents problems

No 12.    C. Rocsoreanu, N. Giurgiteanu, A. Georgescu: New types of codimension-one and-two bifurcations in the plane

No 14.    J. Herzog, D. Popescu: On the regularity of p-Borel ideals

No 15.    V. Dragan, A. Stoica: Robust controllers with respect to the normalized coprime factorization for two-time-scale systems

No 16.    V. Ursu: On the lattice of quasivarietirs of commutative Moufang's loops with the nilpotence class ≤ 2

No 17.    V. Dragan, T. Morozan: Stability and robust stabilization to linear stochastic systems described by differential equations with Markovian jumping and multiplicative white noise

No 19.    B. Ramazan: Une formule du type Baker-Campbell-Hausdorff pour les groupoides de Lie

No 20.    T. Morozan: Linear quadratic control and traking problems for time-varying stochastic differential systems perturbed by a Markov chain