VOL. 18(68) • No. 4 • 2016
Abbes BENCHAABANE Complete controllability of general stochastic integrodifferential systems
S.Y. JANG, M. CHOUBIN, M.B. GHAEMI and M. ESHAGHI GORDJI On approximate isometries in modular spaces
G.R. REZAEEZADEH and S.E. MIRDAMADI Some new characterization of solvable PST-groups
R. RAMDANI, A.N.M. SALMAN, H. ASSIYATUN, A. SEMANICOVÁ-FENOVCÍKOVÁ and M. BACA On the total irregularity strength of disjoint union of arbitrary graphs
Marco ABRATE, Stefano BARBERO, Umberto CERRUTI and Nadir MURRU The biharmonic mean
Daniyal M. ISRAFILOV and Elife YIRTICI Convolutions and best approximations in variable exponent Lebesgue spaces
Salem OMRI On aff(1)-relative cohomology of the Lie algebra of vector fields on weighted densities on ℝ
Huanyin CHEN and Marjan SHEIBANI Periodicity and J-clean-like rings
S. Hadi JAFARI Characterization of finite p-groups by the order of their Schur multipliers (t=6)
A. TAGHAVI, V. DARVISH, H.M. NAZARI and S.S. DRAGOMIR Some results on singular value inequalities of compact operators in Hilbert space
Basdouri OKBA and Nasri ELAMINE aff(1)-invariant n-ary linear differential operator and cohomology of aff(1) acting on n-ary linear differential operators
Nurettin IRMAK Sum of the Fibonomial coefficients at most one away from Fibonacci numbers
Shapour HEIDARKHANI, Massimiliano FERRARA, Amjad SALARI and Mehran AZIMBAGIRAD A variational approach to perturbed elastic beam problems with nonlinear boundary conditions
D. HASSANZADEH-LELEKAAMI and H. ROSHAN-SHEKALGOURABI Pseudo-prime submodules of modules
Mahmood BEHBOODI and Sajad HEIDARI Commutative rings whose maximal ideals are direct sum of completely cyclic modules