No 1.    C. Nastasescu: Graded modules over G-sets

No 2.    G. Popescu: On similarity of operators to isometries

No 3.    V. Cazanescu, G. Stefanescu: Classes of finite relations as initial abstract data types

No 4.    V. -E. Cazanescu, G. A. Mihaila: Partial flowchart schemes

No 5.    S. Basarab: Order groupoids and promislow S functor

No 6.    F. Radulescu: Vanishing of H2w(M,K(H)) for certain finite von Neumann algebras

No 7.    M. Tibar: Betti numbers for weighted-projective hypersurfaces with one-dimensional singularities in the affine cone

No 8.    V. Vajaitu: A complete topology for the sheap of sections of a morphic bundle

No 9.    T. Constantinescu, A. Gheondea: Minimal signature in lifting of operators.II

No 10.    F. Boca: Free products of completely positive maps and spectral sets

No 11.    B. Prunaru: Invariant subspaces for subdecomposable operators with large spectrum

No 12.    M. Bakonyi, T. Constantinescu: Inheritance principles for chordal graps

No 13.    M. Dadarlat, C. Pasnicu: On certain automorphisms of reduced crossed products with discrete groups

No 15.    A. Buium: Derivations on algebraic groups, II

No 16.    A. Buium: Derivations on algebraic groups, III

No 18.    L. Stoica: Brownian oscillation near the boundary of a hypersurface

No 19.    V. -E. Cazanescu, G. Stefanescu: An axiom system for biflow using summation, (extended) feedbacktion and identities

No 20.    M. Putinar: Une demonstration du theoreme de separation de Malgrange dans le cas analytique complexe

No 21.    F. Radulescu: On some trace class norm estimates

No 23.    I. R. Ionescu: Some existence results in one dimensional dynamic viscoplasticity with work hardening

No 24.    A. Danescu, V. Vajaitu, A. Zaharescu: Unimodular matrices whose components are squares of a unimodular one

No 25.    V. Vajaitu, A. Zamfirescu: Ilyeff's conjecture on a corona

No 27.    L. Badea: On the Schwarz alternating method with more than two subdomains for nonlinear monotone problems

No 28.    C. G. Ambrozie: Stability of the index of a Fredholm symmetrical pair

No 29.    G. Pasa, D. Polisevski: Stability of the steady secondary displacement of oil

No 30.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur: Dualities between standard H-cones

No 31.    S. Petrescu, M. Joita: Property (T) for Kac algebras

No 32.    M. Vajaitu, A. Zaharescu: On a divisibility problem of selfridge

No 33.    A. Nica: C*-algebras generated by isometries and Wiener-Hopf operators

No 34.    V. -E. Cazanescu, G. Stefanescu: Clases of finite relations as initial abstract data types. I

No 35.    M. Dadarlat, C. Pasnicu: On approximately inner automorphisms of certain crossed product C*-algebras

No 36.    A. Nemethi: The Milnor fiber and the zeta function of the singularities of type f=P(h,g)

No 37.    L. Beznea: Potential type subordinations

No 38.    M. Tucsnak: On an initial-boundary value problem for the nonlinear Timoshenko beam

No 40.    G. Popescu: Von Neumann inequality for (B(ℋ)n)1

No 41.    G. Popescu: On intertwining dilations for sequences of noncommuting operators

No 42.    F. Radulescu: Singularity of the redial subalgebra of ℒ(FN) and the Pukanszky invariant

No 43.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur: Green kernels on topological spaces

No 44.    V. Alexandru, N. Popescu, A. Zaharescu: Minimal pairs of a residual transcedental extension of a valuation

No 45.    V. Alexandru, N. Popescu, A. Zaharescu: All valuations on K(X)

No 46.    T. Constantinescu: Remarks on partial positive matrices

No 47.    V. -E. Cazanescu, G. Stefanescu: Classes of finite relations as initial abstract data types. II

No 48.    E. Ionascu, F.-H. Vasilescu: Joint spectral properties for permutable linear transformations

No 49.    M. Bakonyi: Determinantal formulas and perfect Gaussian elimination

No 50.    H. I. Ene, D. Polisevski: Steady convection in a porous layer with translational flow

No 51.    M. Toma: On the existence of simple reducible vector bundles on complex surfaces of algebraic dimension zero

No 52.    M. Sofonea: Some remarks on the behaviour of the solution in dynamic processes for rate-type models

No 53.    F. Boca, F. Radulescu: Singularity of the redial subalgebras in II1 factors associated with free products of groups

No 54.    V. Nitica, A. Torok: Simple C*-algebras associated with certain free product of groups

No 55.    A. Buium: Geometry of differential polynomial functions, I: Algebraic groups

No 56.    E. Popescu: On sub-resolvents and sub-multiplicative functions of a Markov process

No 57.    M. Coltoiu: Q-complete neighbourhoods of complete locally pluripolar sets