VOL. 24(74) • No. 1-2 • 2022

Marius Tucsnak 60th Anniversary Volume

Nicolae CÎNDEA, Günter LEUGERING, Jérôme LOHÉAC, Sorin MICU, Kirsten MORRIS, Takéo TAKAHASHI, and Enrique ZUAZUA Control and analysis of partial differential equations
G. M. ALAM, S. A. AVDONIN, and N. B. AVDONINA Solving forward and control problems for telegrapher's equations on metric graphs
Saleh Mousa ALZAHRANI, Xavier ANTOINE, and Chokri CHNITI Computation of multiple scattering problems by circular cylinders
Mehdi BADRA, Jean-Pierre RAYMOND Approximation of feedback gains stabilizing viscous incompressible fluid flows using the pseudo-compressibility method
Lucie BAUDOUIN, Jérémi DARDÉ, Sylvain ERVEDOZA, and Alberto MERCADO A unified strategy for observability of waves in an annulus with various boundary conditions
Renata BUNOIU, Karim RAMDANI, and Claudia TIMOFTE T-coercivity for the homogenization of sign-changing coefficients scalar problems with extreme contrasts
Yacine CHITOUR, Paolo MASON, and Mario SIGALOTTI Characterization of linear switched systems admitting a Barabanov norm
C. CONCA, J. SAN MARTÍN, and V. SOLANO A class of solutions for the graphene Hamiltonian operator
Ilias FTOUHI and Antoine HENROT The diagram (λ1, μ1)
Martin GUGAT Optimal boundary control of the wave equation: the finite-time turnpike phenomenon
Ghislain HAINE, Denis MATIGNON, and Florian MONTEGHETTI Long-time behavior of a coupled heat-wave system using a structure-preserving finite element method
Rodrigo LECAROS, Gino MONTECINOS, Jaime H. ORTEGA, and Javier RAMÍREZ-GANGA CGO solutions for coupled conductivity equations
Debayan MAITY, Debanjana MITRA, and Mythily RAMASWAMY Lack of complete stabilizability of some coupled ODE-parabolic systems
Alexandre MUNNIER Asymptotic limit for the Stokes and Navier-Stokes problems in a planar domain with a vanishing hole
Cornel Marius MUREA and Dan TIBA Topology optimization for the Stokes system
Carole ROSIER and Lionel ROSIER Numerical control of the wave equation and Huygens' principle