No 1.    D. Voiculescu: A note on quasitriangularity and trace-class self-commutators

No 2.    T. Morozan: Stochastic stability of discrete-time systems with jump Markov perturbations

No 4.    D. Burghelea: The rational homotopy groups of Diff (M) and Homeo (Mn) in stability range

No 5.    A. Constantinescu: Open embeddings of algebraic varieties in schemes and applications

No 6.    L. Stoica: Local operators, Markov processes, and axiomatic potential theory

No 7.    L. Stoica: The addition of local operators on product spaces

No 8.    F.-A. Potra: On a modified secant method

No 9.    V. Barbu: Necessary conditions for nonconvex distributed control problems governed by elliptic variational inequalities

No 10.    E. Popa: Localization and product of H-cones

No 11.    F.-A. Potra: An application of the induction method of V. Pták to the study of regula falsi

No 12.    F.-A. Potra, V. Pták: Nondiscrete induction and Laasonen's method

No 13.    I. Suciu: Norm characterization of some Harnack parts of contractions

No 14.    M. Sabac: Lie algebras of bounded operators on a Banach space

No 15.    P. Flondor, E. Pascu: Some invariants on real-analytic spaces

No 17.    F.-H. Vasilescu: Stability of the index of a complex Banach spaces

No 18.    G. Pasa, D. Polisevschi: Etude des equations pour un modele triphasique d'un milieu continu

No 19.    A. Verona: Triangulation of stratified fibre bundles

No 21.    F.-A. Potra, V. Pták: Sharp error bounds for Newton's process

No 22.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur, A. Cornea: Autodual H-cones

No 23.    C. Apostol: Invariant subspaces for subscalar operators

No 24.    V. Barbu: Necessary conditions for distributed control problems governed by parabolic variational inequalities

No 25.    C. P. Niculescu: Weak compactness in ordered Banach spaces

No 26.    D. A. Simovici: Computing of graphs relations using generative grammars

No 27.    M. Pimsner, S. Popa, D. Voiculescu: Homogeneous C*-extensions of C(X)⊗K(H). Part II

No 28.    C. Tudor: Stochastic integral equations in the plane

No 29.    A. Constantinescu: Proper morphisms on Noetherian schemes

No 30.    A. Constantinescu: Open embeddings of algebraic varieties in schemes and applications (Revised version)

No 31.    C. Banica, M. Putinar/ C. Banica, M. Stoia: 1. Algebre homologique globale pour une deformation/ 2. Gorenstein points of a flat morfism of complex spaces

No 32.    I. Suliciu: An analogy between the constitutive equations of electric lines and those of one dimensional viscoplasticity

No 33.    H. I. Ene: On the thermodynamic theory of mixtures

No 34.    R.-N. Gologan: The maximal ergodic theorem in σ-Lattice cones

No 35.    I. Singer: Three papers on convex optimization

No 36.    D. Voiculescu: Remarks on singular extension in the C*-algebra of the Heisenberg group

No 37.    D. Voiculescu: Some results on norm-ideal perturbations of Hilbert spaces operators. III

No 38.    H.-I. Ene, V. Tigoiu: Sur le problème du mouvement de l'air en présence d'un obstacle isolé

No 39.    D. Popescu: A remark on two dimensional local rings with the property of aproximation

No 40.    G. Godini: The modulus of continuity of the set-valued metric projection

No 41.    D. Polisevschi: Steady natural convection in porous media

No 42.    C. Peligrad: Reflexive operator algebras on noncommutative Hardy spaces

No 43.    M. Putinar: Three papers on several variables spectral theory

No 44.    S. Barcanescu: Gorensteinness of Segre-Veronese graded algebras

No 45.    M. Pimsner, D. Voiculescu: Imbedding the irrational rotation C*-algebra into an AF-algebra

No 46.    V. Nica, D. Popescu: Approximation properties of the formally smooth morphisms

No 47.    I. Singer: Optimization and best approximation

No 48.    B. Bereanu: Programming under complex perturbation of data

No 49.    N. Cristescu: A viscoplastic constitutive equation for rocks

No 50.    L. Badescu: On a characterization on minimally elliptic singularities

No 51.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur: Standard H-cones and Markov processes

No 52.    G. Pfister, D. Popescu: On three dimensional local rings with the property of approximation

No 53.    V. Barbu: Necessary conditions for boundary control problems governed by parabolic variational inequalities

No 54.    N. H. Pavel: Nonlinear evolution equations gouverned by F-quasi-dissipative operators

No 55.    G. Georgescu: Monotone quantifier polyadic algebras

No 56.    P. Ionescu: Deformations of complete intersections

No 57.    D. Vuza: Sur les espaces reticules complexes

No 58.    A. Buium: Ritt schemes

No 59.    F.-A. Potra, V. Pták: On a class of modified Newton processes

No 60.    R. I. Teodorescu: Factorizations regulieres et sous-espaces invariants

No 61.    G. Bucur, N. Boboc: Potential standard H-cones

No 62.    S. Popa: On the Russo-Dye theorem

No 63.    C. Nastasescu: Conditions de finitude pour les modules II

No 64.    C. Nastasescu: Modules injectifs de type fini par raport a une topologie additive

No 65.    L. Badescu: Dualizing divisors of two-dimensional singularities

No 66.    H. I. Ene, S. Sanchez-Palencia: Some thermal problems in flow through a periodic model of porous media

No 67.    C. Apostol: The spectral flavour of Scott Brown's technologies

No 68.    G. Minea: The linear first integrals of the Euler equations

No 69.    M. Pimsner, D. Voiculescu: Exact sequences for K-groups and Ext-groups of certain cross-products C*-algebras

No 70.    T. Albu: On commutative Grothendieck categories having a Noetherian cogenerator

No 71.    B. Martin, G. Pfister: Milnor number of complete intersections and Newton polygons

No 72.    M. Martin: Geometric structures and derivations

No 73.    C. Banica, M. Putinar, G. Schumacher: Variation der globalen Ext in deformationen kompakter komplexer Räume

No 74.    G. Dinca, I. Rosca: K-potential nonlinear operators (A Kerner-Vainberg approach)

No 75.    G. Pasa, D. Polisevschi: Homogenization of a transmission problem with microscopic forces

No 76.    Gr. Arsene, Z. Ceausescu, C. Foias: On intertwinning dilations. VIII

No 77.    R. N. Gologan: An extension of Akcoglu's ergodic theorem for a class of nonpositive L2 -contractions

No 78.    C. Nastasescu: Anneaux de quotients et modules Σ(Δ)-injectifs

No 79.    R. Iordanescu: Jordan algebras with applications

No 80.    Gr. Arsene, S. Stratila: A bibliography on operator algebras and related topics

No 81.    I. Valusescu: Wold decomposition theorem for continuous parameter stationary processes in complete correlated actions

No 82.    A. Ocneanu: A Rohlin type theorem for groups acting on von Neumann algebras

No 83.    D. Tiba: Unilateral conditions on the boundary for second order differential equations