No 1.    S. Teleman: On the non-commutative extension of the theory of Radon measures

No 2.    A. Radoslovescu: Une propriete de la solution d'une classe d'inequations variationnelles

No 3.    C. Nastasescu, S. Raianu: Commutative rings with Krull dimension

No 5.    V. Alexandru, I. Armeanu: About groups with rational valued characters

No 6.    N. Mihalache: Holomorphic extendability of CR functions near a point of type three

No 7.    Z. Ceausescu, I. Suciu: Isometric dilations of commuting contractions. I

No 8.    F. Pop, H. Pop: An extension of Noether-Skolem theorem

No 9.    M. Cocu: Existence of solutions of Signorini's problems with friction

No 10.    H. I. Ene, M. Melicescu-Receanu: On the viscoelastic behaviour of a porous saturated medium

No 11.    E. Albrecht, F.-H. Vasilescu: Stability of the index of a semi-Fredholm complex of Banach spaces

No 12.    A. Buium: Curves with nilpotents and surface singularities of type An

No 13.    L. Badescu: Hyperplane sections and deformations

No 14.    A. Dimca: Monodromy of functions defined on isolated singularities of complete intersections

No 15.    S. Barcanescu: On Zolotarev's proof of the quadratic reciprocity law

No 16.    N. Popescu: On a class of Prüfer domains

No 18.    V. Alexandru, I. Armeanu: Sur le nombre des caracters irreductibles dont l'index de Schur sur Q est trivial

No 19.    C. Banica, N. Manolache: Moduli space M3(-1,4): minimal spectrum

No 20.    N. Popa: Almost regular operators and integral operators on rearrangement invariant p-spaces of functions, 0<p≤1

No 21.    B. A. Vernescu: Equations and variational inequalities in domains with granular structure

No 22.    S. Papadima: The rational homotopy of Thom spaces and the smoothing of homology classes

No 23.    N. Popescu: Sur une classe de polynomes irreductibles

No 24.    T. Constantinescu: On the structure of minimal unitary dilation of the semispectral measures on the 1-dimensional torus

No 25.    V. Dragan, A. Halanay: Asymptotic expansions for coupled differential and difference equations

No 26.    A. Buium: A note on the class group of surfaces in 3-space

No 27.    S. Papadima: The rational homotopy of Thom spaces and the smoothing of isolated singularities

No 28.    T. Spircu: Some remarks about representations of tree with relations

No 30.    G. Godini: A framework for best simultaneous approximation-normed almost linear spaces

No 31.    T. Albu: Certain Artinian lattices are Noetherian. Applications to the relative Hopkins-Levitzki theorem

No 32.    H. Pop: Noncommutative p-adic P-rings and Witt vectors in connection with a theorem of Azumaya

No 33.    T. Morozan: Optimal stationary control for dynamic systems with Markov perturbations

No 34.    D. Tiba: A finite element discretization of boundary control of a two-phases Stefan problem (preliminary version)

No 35.    K. Schmüdgen: On commuting unbounded self-adjoint operators

No 36.    C. Nastasescu, S. Raianu: Finiteness conditions for graded modules (GR-Σ-Δ)-injective modules)

No 37.    S. Teleman: A lattice-theoretic characterization of Choquet simplexes

No 38.    I. Rosca, I. R. Ionescu, M. Sofonea: A variational method for nonlinear operators with applications in mechanics

No 39.    D. Vuza: The weak Fatou property and the Egoroff property

No 40.    A. Baran: A separation theorem for the hyperext

No 41.    D. Tiba, M. Tiba: Regularity of the boundary data and the convergence of the finite element discretization in two-phase Stefan problems

No 42.    I.M. Gelfand, M.I. Graev, R. Rosu: The problem of integral geometry and intertwining operators for a pair of real Grassmannian manifolds

No 43.    V. Nica: A desingularization theorem in non normal one dimensional rings

No 44.    D. Popescu: General Néron desingularization and approximation. I

No 45.    A. Gheondea: On the geometry of pseudo-regular subspaces of a Krein space

No 46.    A. Buium: Sur le discriminant des sections d'une variete projective singuliere par des hypersurfaces de degre eleve

No 47.    A. Gheondea: Pseudo-regular spectral functions in Krein spaces

No 48.    A. Buium: Are the isolated singularities of complete intersections determined by their singular subspaces?

No 49.    D. Popescu: General Néron desingularization and approximation. II

No 50.    G. Dinca, D. Mateescu: A result concerning the structure of nonlinear operators having a linear and K-positive definite Gateaux differential

No 51.    A. Buium: A note on algebraic superpositions of meromorphic functions

No 52.    M. Pimsner, S. Popa: Entropy and index for subfactors

No 54.    T. Morozan: Stabilization of linear differential control systems with Markov perturbations

No 55.    C. Nastasescu: Group rings of graded rings. Applications

No 56.    T. Constantinescu: On positive Hankel forms

No 57.    L. Badescu: Anticanonical models of ruled surfaces

No 59.    J. Eschmeier, M. Putinar: Spectral theory and sheaf theory. III

No 60.    H. C. Pop: On the structure of Artinian rings

No 61.    S. Dragomir: On the geometry of the Finslerian G-structures on differentiable manifolds

No 62.    S.-C. Tigoiu: Thermoviscoplastic materials with instantaneous plasticity

No 63.    D. Homentcovschi: Integral equation for the lifting profile in steady transonic flows

No 64.    C. Banica, M. Putinar: On complex vector boundles on rational threefolds

No 65.    M. Coltoiu: A note on Levi's problem for complex spaces

No 66.    T. Constantinescu: Schur's algorithm and associated polynomials

No 67.    A. Dimca: On isolated singularities of complete intersections

No 68.    Gr. Arsene, T. Constantinescu: The structure of Naimark dilations and Gaussian stationary processes

No 69.    C. Tudor: On the existence, uniqueness and stability of strong solutions of stochastic integral equations