No 1.    A. Buium: On embedded surfaces. I

No 2.    T. Constantinescu: Intertwining with positive-definite functions

No 4.    A. Buium: On embedded surfaces. II

No 5.    N. Buruiana: On an enumerative formula of Schubert

No 6.    A. Iordan: Peak sets in weakly pseudoconvex domains

No 7.    G. Dinca, D. Mateescu: On the structure of linear and K-positive definite operators

No 8.    L. Stoica: On the construction of Hunt processes from resolvents

No 9.    L. Stoica: On finely supermean valued functions

No 10.    S. Popa: Singular maximal abelian *-subalgebras in continuous von Neumann algebras

No 11.    Gh. Stefanescu: The entropy, as a minimal cost of a tree

No 12.    V. Bally: An approximation theorem for Markov processes

No 13.    A. Buium: On the determinant of an elliptic fibration

No 14.    V. Barbu: Optimal feedback controls for a class of nonlinear distributed parameter systems

No 15.    C. Borcea: Moduli for Kodaira surfaces

No 16.    M. Putinar, F.-H. Vasilescu: The local spectral theory needs Fréchet spaces

No 17.    M. F. Popescu: Efficiency of implicit enumeration algorithms and rejection power of the tests

No 18.    Z. Meike, D. Tiba: Optimal control for the Stefan problem

No 19.    M. Sofonea: Solutions généralisées pour une classe d'équations non linéaires dans les espaces de Hilbert

No 22.    F.-A. Potra: On the convergence of a class of Newton-like methods

No 23.    L. Stoica: A counterexample in the theory of Feller semigroups

No 24.    M. Putinar: Uniqueness of Taylor's functional calculus

No 25.    G. Dinca, D. Mateescu: 1. Sur un theoreme variationnel de Langenbach 2. Une methode variationnelle pour l'etude de l'ecuation Pu +∂β(u)∋f

No 26.    H. I. Ene: On linear thermoelasticity of composite materials

No 27.    O. Onicescu, G. Oprisan, G. Popescu: Renewal processes with complete connections

No 28.    V. Tigoiu: On time behavior of macroscopic fields associate to a rarefield gas

No 29.    I. R. Ionescu: A variational method for nonlinear operators

No 30.    A. Ghita: On the selfactivation property of the world nuclear weapons stockpile

No 31.    S. Popa: Maximal injective subalgebras in type II1 factors (preliminary version)

No 32.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur: Natural sheaf property in standard H-cones of functions

No 33.    S. Teleman: Measure-theoretic properties of the Choquet and of the maximal topologies

No 34.    R. Stavre-Stancescu: Le mouvement d'un fluide á travers un milieu poreux nonhomogéne

No 35.    D. Vuza: The perfect M-tensor product of perfect Banach lattices

No 36.    A. Dimca, C. G. Gibson: Classification of equidimensional contact unimodular map germs

No 37.    C. Borcea: Families of smooth hypersurfaces on certain compact homogeneous complex manifolds

No 38.    C. Borcea: Complex structures on R1xRg (Rg denotes a sphere with g handles)

No 39.    P. Flondor, E. Pascu: Some results on mixed manifolds

No 41.    A. Buium: Differential points on an algebraic curve

No 42.    G. Groza: On certain properties of rings with minimum condition

No 43.    G. Godini: Best approximation and intersections of balls

No 44.    M. Pimsner: Embedding some transformation group C*-algebras into AF-algebras

No 45.    A. Constantinescu: Open embeddings of algebraic varieties in schemes, II.

No 46.    A. Buium: On the divisor class group of a differential Krull domain

No 47.    C. Nastasescu, S. Raianu: Gabriel dimension of graded rings

No 48.    A. Dimca: A geometric approach to the classification of pencils of quadrics

No 50.    D. Popescu: Higher dimensional Néron desingularization and approximation

No 56.    C. Faciu: Riemann and Goursat problems for one-dimensional classical plasticity

No 57.    C. Varsan: Controllability of nonlinear stochastic control systems, II

No 59.    M. Putinar: Spectral theory and sheaf theory, I

No 60.    D. Polisevschi: Topological degree for solvable mapping

No 61.    C. Pasnicu: Weighted shifts as direct summands mod C2 of normal operators

No 62.    C. Banica: Topologisch triviale holomorphe vektorbündel auf ℙn (ℂ)

No 63.    M. Putinar: Spectral theory and sheaf theory, II

No 64.    F. Pop: Commutative regular k-rings

No 65.    A. Brezuleanu, D.-C. Radulescu: About the foundations of the classical mechanics and the spectral theory of relativity

No 66.    R. N. Gologan: Ergodic theorems in σ-lattice cones

No 67.    D. Tiba: Boundary control for a Stefan problem

No 68.    G. I. Pasa: A convergence theorem for a periodic media with thermoelastical properties

No 69.    S. Papadima: Cell decompositions and D.G.A. models

No 70.    R. N. Gologan: Radius of interaction in a ℤ2-lattice model and approximation by rationals

No 71.    A. Buium: Lefschetz fibrations of double surfaces

No 72.    P. Ionescu: Embedded projective varieties of small invariants

No 73.    V. Brinzanescu, M. Stoia: Topologically trivial algebraic 2-vector bundels on ruled surfaces.II

No 74.    A. Constantinescu: Open embeddings of algebraic varieties in schemes, III.

No 75.    V. E. Cazanescu, C. Ungureanu: Again on advice on structuring compilers and proving them correct

No 76.    D. Popescu: Regular properties in Non Noetherian rings and approximation

No 77.    S. Popa: Notes on Cartan subalgebras in type II1 factors

No 78.    T. Constantinescu: Semispectral measures on Π

No 79.    C. Banica: Sur les fibré instables de rang 2 sur ℙ3 (ℂ)

No 80.    G. Georgescu, I. Voiculescu: Eastern model-theory for Boolean-valued theories

No 81.    M. Lewin: On the boundeness, recurrence and stability of solutions of on Itô equation perturbed by a Markov chain

No 82.    T. Constantinescu: On linear filtering problem

No 83.    B. Singer: The projective limit of finite processes