No 1.    S. Stratila, D. Voiculescu, L. Zsido: On crossed products

No 2.    I. Suciu, I. Valusescu: Factorisation of semi-spectral measures

No 3.    Z. Ceausescu: On intertwining dilatation

No 4.    D. Burghelea, R. Lashof: Stability of concordances and the suspension homeomorphism

No 5.    Z. Ceausescu, F.-H. Vasilescu: Tensor products and Taylor's joint spectrum

No 6.    Gr. Arsene, S. Stratila: A bibliography on operator algebras and related topics

No 7.    O. Liess: The fundamental principle of Ehrenpreis-Palamodov

No 8.    H. Moscovici, A. Verona: Quantization and projective representations of solvable groups

No 9.    A. Halanay, T. Morozan: Stabilization by linear feedback of linear discrete stochastic systems

No 10.    D. Burghelea: On the decomposition of the automorphisms group of M × S¹

No 11.    N. Popa: Permanence properties of tensor products of Banach lattices

No 12.    C. Varsan: Local controllability along a singular trajectory

No 13.    C. Apostol, C. Foias, C. Pearcy: Quasiaffine transforms of compact perturbations of normal operators

No 14.    Z. Ceausescu, C. Foias: On intertwinning dilations III

No 15.    R. G. Douglas, C. Foias: A homological view in dilation theory

No 16.    D. Burghelea: Automorphisms of manifolds (a survey)

No 17.    I. Suciu, I. Valusescu: Essential parameters in prediction

No 18.    Gr. Arsene, Z. Ceausescu: On intertwinning dilations IV

No 19.    D. Voiculescu: On a theorem of M. D. Choi and E. G. Effros

No 20.    A. Halanay, S. Mirica: The time-optimal feedback linear systems

No 21.    A. Halanay, S. Mirica: Time-optimal feedback using state estimator

No 22.    A. Bacopoulos, G. Godini, I. Singer: On best approximation in vector-valued norms

No 23.    H. Moscovici, A. Verona: Holomorphically induced representations of solvable Lie groups

No 24.    I. Colojoara: Sur le Théorème de Stone

No 25.    C. Banica: Le lieu réduit et le lieu normal d'un morphisme