No 1.    D. Motreanu, N. H. Pavel: Quasi tangent vectors in flow-invariance and optimization problems on Banach manifolds

No 2.    M. Putinar, F.-H. Vasilescu: Continuous and analytic invariants for deformations of Fredholm complexes

No 3.    M. Putinar: A spectral mapping theorem

No 4.    L. Badescu: On ample divisors: II (Completed version)

No 5.    M. Banulescu: H-cones of functions on topological groups

No 6.    V. Popescu: Existence for an abstract control problem in Banach spaces.II

No 7.    Z. Meike: Existence for a parabolic equation with nonlinear boundary value conditions

No 8.    M. Peligrad: Invariance principles for mixing sequences of random variables

No 9.    N. Popescu, C. Vraciu: Sur une probleme d'Arens et Kaplansky concernant la structure des quelques anneaux absolument plats commutatifs

No 10.    V. Barbu, G. Da Prato: Hamilton-Jacobi equations and synthesis of nonlinear control processes in Hilbert spaces

No 11.    G. Godini: A generalisation of set-valued metric projections

No 12.    S. Popa: On commutators in properly infinite W*-algebras

No 13.    S. Popa: Masa-s of type II1 factors and a problem of R. V. Kadison

No 14.    Gr. Arsene, A. Gheondea: Completing matrix contractions

No 15.    D. Tiba: Necessary conditions for distributed control problems with nonlinear state equation

No 16.    N. Manolache: Stable rank 2 vector bundles on p³ with Chern classes c1 =-1, c2 =2

No 17.    A. Rascanu: On some stochastic parabolic variational inequalities

No 18.    A. Baran: The existence of a subspace connecting given subspaces of a Stein space

No 19.    F. A. Potra: On the aposteriori error estimates for Newton's method

No 21.    I. Barza: Surfaces de Riemann non orientables

No 22.    N. H. Pavel: Global existence for nonautomomous perturbed differential equations and flow-invariance

No 23.    G. Nenciu: A generalisation of the Krein resolvent formula and applications to the theory of self-adjoint extensions of semi-bounded symmetric operators

No 24.    V. Arnautu: Approximation of optimal distributed control problems governed by variational inequalities

No 25.    M. Putinar: Base change and the Fredholm index

No 26.    A. Carabineanu: The application of T. Levi-Civita method to the study of the infiltration of underground water from free channels

No 27.    V. Barbu: Necessary conditions for multiple integral problem in the calculus of variations

No 28.    M. Banulescu: Potentials on localy compact non-Abelian groups

No 29.    M. Banulescu: Absolutely continous potential kernels on locally compact groups

No 30.    S. Teleman: On the regularity of the boundary measures

No 31.    S. Mirica: The contingent and the paratingent as generalized derivatives for vector-valued and set-valued mappings

No 32.    L. Stoica: On resolvents on locally compact spaces

No 33.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur: Archimedean measures

No 34.    G. Morosanu: Asymptotic dosing problem for evolution equation in Hilbert spaces

No 35.    G. Georgescu: On Chang's omitting types theorem in Boolean valued model theory

No 36.    G. Georgescu: Polyadic MV-algebras

No 37.    F. A. Potra: A general iterative procedure for solving nonlinear equations in Banach spaces

No 38.    S. Istrail: On a linear theory of recursive-enumerables sets

No 39.    M. Popescu: The study of the critical case stability of motion around the equilateral Lagrangian points in the earth-moon system

No 40.    S. Popa: On MASA's of algebras associated with free groups

No 41.    S. Popa: On a problem of R. V. Kadison on maximal abelian *-subalgebras in factors

No 42.    A. Dimca, C. G. Gibson: On the unfolding of the first contact unimodular family for germs of the plane

No 43.    A. Buium: On the depth of divisorial ideals

No 44.    G. Rautu: The jump semigroups of a homogeneous two-parameter Poisson process

No 45.    C. Calude: Topological size of sets of partial recursive functions

No 46.    H. I. Ene, E. Sanchez-Palencia: On thermal equation for flow in porous media

No 47.    M. Jurchescu, A. Tancredi: Transversality and relative Künneth formulas in complex analysis

No 48.    H. Pop: Commutative rings having only a finite number of ideals

No 49.    F. Pop: On a representation theorem of Arens and Kaplansky

No 50.    O. Carja: A maximum principle for the time optimal control problem in Banach spaces

No 51.    R. T. Vescan: Quasi-variational problems solved by Ky Fan's lemma

No 52.    Z. Meike: Feedback synthesis for free boundary problems

No 53.    D. Popescu: Wild desingularizations and Artin approximation

No 54.    C. Teodosiu, E. Soos: Non-linear elastic models of single dislocations

No 55.    T. Albu, S. Raianu: Cousin complex, local cohomology and torsion theory

No 56.    M. Pascu: Hypoelliptic operators in Denjoy-Carleman classes

No 58.    C. Teodosiu, E. Soos: Non-linear effect in the elastic field of single dislocations

No 59.    G. Pasa: L'homogeneisation d'un modèle de cristal liquide

No 60.    G. Arsu: On the regularity of the solutions of transmission problems

No 61.    A. Iordan: Some properties of CR structures

No 62.    M. Pimsner, D. Voiculescu: K-groups of reduced crossed products by free groups (new version)

No 63.    T. Constantinescu, A. Gheondea: Two papers on self-adjoint extensions of symmetric semi-bounded operators

No 65.    I. Vrabie: An existence result for a class of nonlinear perturbed evolution equations

No 66.    L. Stoica: On finely supermean valued functions

No 68.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur: Perturbations in excessive structures

No 69.    S. Barcanescu: Quadratic monoids generated by monomials.II. -Segre-Veronese monoids-

No 70.    S. Papadima: The cellular structure of formal homotopy types

No 72.    V. Brinzanescu, M. Stoia: Topologically trivial algebraic 2-vector bundels on ruled surfaces.I

No 73.    S. Papadima: A rational classification for spaces satisfying Poincaré duality

No 74.    P. Ionescu: An enumeration of all smooth projective varieties of degree 5 and 6

No 75.    L. Badescu: Ample divisors and non-smoothability

No 76.    C. Borcea: Some remarks on deformations of Hopf manifolds

No 78.    A. Dimca, C. G. Gibson: Contact unimodular germs of the plane

No 79.    B. Chevreau: Intertwinings and hyperinvariant subspaces

No 81.    N. H. Pavel: Differential equations on closed subsets of a Banach space and applications

No 83.    G. Godini: Best approximation in certain classes of normed linear spaces

No 84.    M. Sofonea: Variational inequalities with blocking property

No 85.    A. Dimca, C. G. Gibson: On contact germs of the plane

No 86.    D. Tiba: Optimality conditions for distributed control problems with nonlinear state equation

No 87.    S. Chirita: Uniqueness and continous dependence results in the theory of thermoelastic materials with internal state variables

No 88.    M. Mihailescu Suliciu, I. Suliciu: Hypoelasticity and rate-independent plasticity theory

No 89.    S. Popa: Orthogonal paires of subalgebras in finite factors

No 90.    Z. Meike, D. Tiba: Necessary conditions for a distributed control problem governed by nonlinear parabolic equations

No 92.    T. Constantinescu: Complements to “Notes on (The Birman-Krein-Vishik theory on) selfadjoint extensions of semibounded symmetric operators. II - Operators with spectral gap”

No 93.    I. Suciu, D. Timotin: On the notion of completeness in prediction theory

No 94.    S. Popa: Singular maximal Abelian *-subalgebras in continuous factors

No 95.    G. Godini: On certain classes of normed linear spaces

No 96.    B. Bereanu: The selfactivation property of the world nuclear weapons stockpile. A minimum risk approach

No 97.    T. Spircu:Extensions of a theorem of P. Gabriel

No 98.    N. Popa: Interpolation theorems for rearrangement invariant p-spaces of functions

No 99.    L. Stoica: On sub-Markov resolvents. The restriction to an open set and Dirichlet problem

No 100.    D. Vuza: Extension theorems for strongly lattice-ordered modules and applications to linear operators

No 101.    G. Georgescu: Une généralisation du théorème d'omission des types dans les algèbres polyadiques

No 102.    G. Georgescu: Algebraic analysis of the logic with the quantifier “There exist uncountable many”

No 103.    S. Barcanescu: Algebraic aspects of a combinatorial decomposition theorem

No 104.    C. Banica, N. Manolache: Remarks on rank 2 stable vector bundles on p³ with Chern classes c1 =-1, c2 =4

No 105.    J. Weinstein: Connectivity of deleted products of topological couples

No 106.    P. Caraman: About the equality between the p-module and the p-capacity in Rn

No 107.    C. Peligrad: Derivations of C*-algebras which are invariant under an automorphism group. II

No 108.    T. Constantinescu: On positive Toeplitz matrices

No 109.    C. Zalinescu: Continous dependence on data in abstract control problems

No 110.    P. Ionescu: Varieties with sectional genus 2

No 111.    C. Nastasescu: Strongly graded rings of finite groups

No 112.    M. Peligrad: Convergence rates of the strong law for stationary Φ-mixing sequences

No 114.    M. Martin: Hermitian geometry and involutive algebras

No 115.    C. Varsan: On local controllability for nonlinear control systems