No 1.    G. Popescu: Isometric dilations for infinite sequences of noncommutative operators

No 2.    A. Buium: Rigidity of maps from Hopf algebras to group algebras

No 3.    A. Buium: Birational moduli nonabelian cohomology

No 4.    D. T. Vuza: The components of a positive operator

No 5.    S. Papadima: Rational homotopy equivalences of Lie type

No 6.    S. Popa, F. Radulescu: Derivations of von Neumann algebras into the compact ideal space of a semifinite algebra are inner

No 7.    L. Badescu: On a criterion for hyperplane sections

No 8.    M. Putinar: A two-dimensional moment problem

No 9.    J. Eschmeier, M. Putinar: Bishop's condition (β) and rich extension of linear operators

No 10.    G. Popescu: Characteristic functions for infinite sequences of noncommuting operators

No 11.    D. Polisevski: Uniqueness for the Navier-Stokes problem in periodic media

No 12.    S. N. Buzeteanu: Linear recurrences for the powers of a recurrent sequence

No 13.    L. Beznea: Ultrapotentials and positive eigenfunctions for an absolutely continuous resolvent of kernels

No 14.    V. Alexandru, N. Popescu, A. Zaharescu: A theorem of characterization of residual transcendental extensions of a valuation

No 15.    S. Basarab: Distributions on distributive lattices and profinite groups

No 16.    F. Radulescu: On smooth extensions of odd dimensional spheres and multidimensional Helton and Howe formula

No 17.    C. Varsan: Approximation and existence of periodic solutions for controlled diffusion equation

No 18.    A. Gheondea: Canonical forms of unbounded unitary operators in Krein spaces

No 19.    J. E. Martinez-Legaz, I. Singer: Dualities between complete lattices

No 20.    F.-H. Vasilescu: Homogeneous operators and essential complexes

No 21.    N. Mihalache: The Runge theorem on 1-dimensional Stein spaces

No 22.    V.-E. Cazanescu, G. Stefanescu: A formal representation of flowchart schemes

No 23.    V. Nistor: On the homotopy groups of the automorphism group of AF-C*-algebras

No 24.    I. Singer: Two papers on optimization

No 25.    D. Homentcovschi, D. Cocora, R. Magureanu, L. Kreindler, N. Vasile, M. Tiba, A. Manolescu, A. M. Manolescu: Some developments and applications of the BEM

No 26.    G. Godini: Almost linear spaces with inner product

No 27.    B. Chevreau: Sur les contractions a calcul fonctionnel isometrique, II.

No 28.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur: On Frostman property in standard H-cones of functions

No 29.    G. Popescu: On quasi-similarity of contractions with finite defect indices

No 30.    B. Prunaru: Growth of the resolvent and reflexivity

No 31.    E. Kirchberg: On restricted perturbations in inverse images and a description of normalizer algebras in C*-algebras

No 32.    M. Sofonea: Evolution problems for a class of thermo-viscoplastic materials

No 33.    D. Nicolaita: Structure sharing with literal indexing filter for resolution systems

No 34.    A. Buium: Birational moduli and nonabelian cohomology (completed version)

No 35.    F. Boca, V. Nitica: Combinatorial properties of groups and simple C*-algebras

No 36.    I. R. Ionescu: Error estimates of an Euler's method for a quasistatic elastic-visco-plastic problem

No 37.    D. Polisevski: Homogenization of Navier-Stokes model: the dependence upon parameters

No 38.    L. Dinu: Hyperbolic systems of quasilinear conservation laws 1. The Riemann problem

No 39.    G. Dinca, D. Mateescu: Well set variational problems and generalized solutions for multivalued operator equations

No 40.    V. Grecea: On maximal presheaves with minimum principle

No 41.    V. Bally: Lp and almost sure approximation for the solutions of stochastique equations

No 42.    D. Adam: The best constants of norms equivalence on finite element discretizations

No 43.    V.-E. Cazanescu, G. Stefanescu: Towards a new algebraic foundation of flowchart scheme theory

No 44.    T. Constantinescu: Prediction of nonstationary discrete processes

No 45.    N. Manolache: The equations of the abelian surfaces embedded in ℙ4(ℂ)